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International gamers are stunned by the price of 1 gems for General Hyatt


General 82 of Lane Quan Mobile Vietnam is Hayate will be "punished" in a locked gems store from April 30. Anyone who has forgotten to play the fifth year's task book must now replace the Hyatt again. On average to make the Gemstone 1, the gamer will spend 151 queues, equivalent to 151 cards with a military value Huy worth to VND 1.8 million to claim real money. But this amount will be reduced depending on the ability to plow one's tickets. A free player, after 1-2 years can also own 1 even 2 gems.

Mobile: International Gamer Shocked with Price of 1 Gemstone for General Hyatt - Photo 1.

Lane Quan Mobile VN has a way of commercializing very "bloodthirsty" items.

But with so many generals thrust into the Gem store, with many rare skins that were previously commercialized via spin on the Webiste event, it is true that union mobile players who are unwilling to pay will have to be very economical in pepper gems. Because if they paid Richter Stone, Nakroth AIC, Murad Super Vietnam and all the time was cleared, they would have to wait another 2-3 months to buy Hayate in gold. The price of selling Hayate with 1 gramna Gemstone for Vietnamese servers has shocked the Arena of Valor community. That there has never been a server that sells generals with gems, not to mention a series of generals from Ngo Kong, Irie, Uman, Rourke, Richter and now Hayate as in Vietnam.

Mobile: International gamer stunned with price of 1 gemstone for General Hyatt - Photo 2.

Foreign players feel overwhelmed by Hayate for 1 Gem.

Series of fanpage on the arena of Indonesia of Valor Share this information, AoV Indonesia gamers do not hesitate to comment:

– "I do not believe".

"Vietnam server is different."

– "Those who continued to cultivate the Grena Indonesia we all used it, look at their country."

– "We must feel fortunate that our Garena does not emulate their country."

– "Many of you visit Garena in our country sells expensive goods, but look at the server side of the VN, the item in Gem Shop too."

Lian Quan Mobile: International Gamer Shocked with Price of 1 Gemstone for General Hyatt - Photo 3.

The Indonesian server sells a Hayate price of 20,888 gold.

Thai gamers Roy is equally surprising.

– "A few weeks ago I saw them selling Richter there, now putting another Hayate in."

– "The top server is different, everything must be expensive, our Garena is still nicer."

– "Lots of interesting items in the store, but these can be bought with Huy Huy in our country."

"The players in Vietnam are rich, their Leston Shop has so many things, and fortunately, we do not need to buy such expensive prices."

Lian Kwan Mobile: International Gamer Shocked with Price of 1 Gemstone for General Hyatt - Photo 4.

Tencent server sells Hayate for the price of 18,888 gold.

So far, all AoV servers in the world do not sell generals with gems, except for Vietnamese servers. The servers that placed generals on the task book will be taken after about 6-7 weeks, allowing players to buy them with gold prices from 18888 to 20888 depending on the server. Now, after 6-8 weeks of the closure of the mission book, the general will be returned to the gem store for 2-3 months. Then, they are sold exclusively Quan Huy Store for about 2 weeks. Finally, wait until 4 – 5 months, the Vietnamese players play without charging Richter, now Hayate and the future may be Arul.

Mobile: International Gamer Shocked with Price of 1 Gemstone for General Hyatt - Image 5.

The radio server sells a Hayate price of 20,888 gold.

All the generals sold in Gem Shop are rated as quality merchandise. New generals such as Richter and Hyatt are all considered "unusually strong" against the generals. Richter was nicknamed "the King of Ta Tuan," and Hiyate rushed to the top of the common artillery group.

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