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Kevin Lane Suspension: The cleanest artist I've ever met & # 39; culture


Kevin Lina expressed the difficulties of an artist when he does art. He said he had to sacrifice a lot, wake up from 4 or 5 AM to start recording the shows. He said, "I'm also a cow, a grove and a plow, because I'm making social plans, I have to get up from 4 – 5. I filmed the play all the time, sometimes tired eyes wanted to collapse. Suffering ".

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"A lot of people have told me to yearn for money, passion and passion, I actually do not have anything more because life knows what tomorrow is … It is also wrong to say no money because now I have enough … I have a happy life, I do not have to be busy. I'm just sorry the company has to go a lot, and if I do not go there will not be any bridges built in. If I do not go to the family, their children will not have a chance to undergo heart surgery. "The family will not escape poverty … Because of these things I keep going on and on, I'm tired and tired like that," he said.

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Kevin Lina once referred attention when leading programs to support poor people

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Kevin Lina said that the way I had chosen was much different than others. He insisted that if he made entertainment shows, it would be much more convenient. "I will not do it much, in the studio, sitting in the air conditioning better, if I want to make money, I just need it in Ho Chi Minh City," he said. At the same time, MCs men share as artists like silk twill worms, devote many, but also hundreds of them. Therefore, many times he felt sad when many viewers said that artists like to polish their names and money.

In particular, when recommended by a friend take time to rest, MC You want a date Share: "At the end of the year I will rest, I will be so bored, so tired, so I was accused more, I do not have to renew it without blame."

Some of the spiritual rights immediately received the attention of the audience. The online community was confused by this information. For many people, MC Beyond yourself He is a talented and dedicated artist. Not only imprinted with film projects, attractive programs, but Kevin Linh also made the viewers a fan because of dedication to volunteer projects for the poor.

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Male male MC that he would suspend all artistic activity after being caught in markets that do not deserve

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The viewer was sorry: "You're the cleanest artist I've ever known, I've never seen him play with anyone, but like some people in amusement, floating up makes a lot of money and demands giving up a game. In the meantime, another account writes: "You are the most true national MC, the constant support for poor people, is an expensive example, to love and despise, but to hurt him … I hope that you can overcome and continue to bring warm people to poor people and many viewers understand you and love you."

Besides, there are many observers advising MC to overcome the malicious rumors and continue to contribute to the art. One account says: "Needless to say a lot, every person with awareness, compassion, kindness automatically feels humanity in every action, his work and loves you." "It's boring now for human love, all the keyboard heroes, killing people with words, the incense of natural radioactivity and Kevin Lina were in the hearts of tens of millions of viewers."

Currently, Quyen Linh has not shared anything about this event. However, when a friend published an encouraging article, he advised him to ignore malicious rumors from the public, male and male said: "Yes, ignore it." This causes fans to watch male MCs overcome mental shock and pursue their artistic activities.

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