Sunday , May 16 2021

Less than 3,000 VND Chinese ice cream tree in Hanoi

The famous colorful cream as local Chinese stuff was sold in Hanoi with prices of 3,000 to 5,000 VND.

Ms. Hua, who specializes in providing Chinese products in Lao Cai recently published ice cream for 110,000 VND barrel of 40 pieces, equivalent to only 2,750 VND each. A large foam box of 10 small containers costs 1.15 million dollars. Wholesale buyers will be free to transport goods to Hanoi. However, this price applies only to guests arriving in 20 or more boxes.


Cheap Chinese ice cream is imported into Vietnam.

For those who buy less than 20 barrels, the selling price is 115,000 VND per barrel, equivalent to 2,875 VND each.

"This is a nationwide ice cream that I brought through the border gate, so the quality is guaranteed, and buyers who buy in Hanoi also have delivery points rather than shipping," Hoa said. Note that creams with nylon packaging, print Chinese characters with varied colors. According to the introduction, ice cream has 15 different flavors such as strawberry, green tea, corn, chocolate, green beans, vanilla … You can buy a carton that combines different types.

The owner of the goods also said that every day, it has provided dozens of ice cream boxes to retailers. These customers are mainly in the suburban areas of Hanoi. She added that she also received deliveries to all wholesale buyers in the northern provinces and cities.

Chung, owner of another business, also quoted the price of Ms. & Hua. But the owner of this store said that guests should keep the taste and quantity and then can get the goods after 2-3 days.

"Goods are tasty, quality guaranteed quantity is also available," said Chong, but when asked for more specific information on the specific addresses of production places, sources and information. I do not know about the product on the packaging label.

In Hanoi, many online store owners also advertise Chinese inland ice cream with prices ranging from 5,000 to 6,000 VND. Ms. Thanh Xuan, the seller who sells this item on social networks, said she was imported from a wholesaler. Is a retailer for 5,500 VND. Those who buy a box 200,000 VND.

"The focus of advertising for me is Chinese homemade ice cream, so the quality is guaranteed. The price is half the price of the same cream in the market, so I sell quite well, especially residents in the same court."

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