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Mr. Dean La Tang needs to pay $ 600 billion but the couple has only one apartment


– If difficulties, problems of recovery of assets of large offenders, the director of the Department of Civil Enforcement Hanoi English led by Mr. Dina Le Thang and a partner of 831 billion, where Mr. Cheng alone. 600 billion, but the property has only one apartment with his wife.

New developments in the recovery of property Mr. Dinh La Thang

Director of the Civil Enforcement Department in Hanoi said that the information on the implementation of the verdict in 2019 occurred this morning.

The behavior of property is more complex

According to Mr. Hong, the work of carrying out judgments faced with many difficulties in large economic cases, corruption due to investigation, prosecution, trial not restrained in time, prevent property violation. Guilty yes.

Mr. Dean La Tang needs to pay $ 600 billion but the couple has only one apartment
Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hua Binh attended the meeting this morning. Photo: Leda

Especially in 2018, the authorities continue to prosecute and carry out a number of major cases such as Dina La Thong A Case, Van Tham Case, Hua Thi Pan … have the amount of money to enforce it out of a few hundred billion trillions.

Mr. Hong led Dayan La Tang to make 831 million VND, in which the defendant sentenced to Thang 600 billion, but the current property only one apartment is the common property of the husband and wife. Or, as Ha Van Thook is distracted by more than 300 million shares but interrupted and then turn to auction execution …

Hanoi's civil law enforcement chief wonders how selling shares in these cases will sell on the channel? If sold under the agreement or adjustment arrangement should again offer instructions that lead to loss of execution time and only negligence is loss of property.

He proposed more stringent regulations in the criminal case of the economy and corruption. People holding positions make it more complicated than ordinary civilian cases.

"The tendency of property is more complex, while the current legislation is not yet completed," said the director.

Mr. Hong suggested the Central Administration Party, the Ministry of Justice continue to pay attention, direct coordination between the departments for large cases involving many settlements. The bodies conducting legal proceedings will strictly coordinate the prevention of asset dispersal from the outset and create convenient conditions for the execution of judgments.

There are more than 200,000 jobs with almost 86 billion VND

According to Mai Luong Khoi, director of the Department of Judicial and Civil Enforcement (Ministry of Justice), many large-scale economic and corruption cases were brought to trial, organizing the verdict, but having difficulties and obstacles.Usually, the amount of money to enforce is great, The judgment has no assets or assets to enforce a low value; the property was scattered, hidden, and rational.

Mr. Dean La Tang needs to pay $ 600 billion but the couple has only one apartment
General Director of the Department of Execution of Civil Judgment (Ministry of Justice) May Luong Khoi

In addition, there are no guidelines for debtors' taxes and indebtedness, taxes relating to the transfer of ownership of the property or unpaid rights of use; There is no agreement on the priority order payment of duty to pay court fees for collection to the state budget …

The main reason is the number of jobs and money are increasing and increasing. There are still more than 202,000 jobs with almost 86 billion dong, which is not yet conditional to carry forward the next period, but must be monitored, monitored and verified from time to time.

Many economic cases, large corruption, complex, large disrupted assets, many types or new accepted assets are in the early stages of judicial execution process, while the institution handling assets in many communities is not synchronous.

In addition, in many cases credit, banks have to pay large debts, but mortgages and mortgages when delivered to enforce the verdict still very low …

There is no separate mechanism for assessing the value of assets for carrying out the execution of the judgment, especially not to take into account the risk and the psychological "fear" of restrained property buyers. People who operate judgments, especially credit institutions, will not receive assets to deduct from the amount of money spent in judgment in cases where there will be unsuccessful bid or bidder.

Mr. Dayan's assets: More than $ 900 billion has not been eliminated

The property of Mr. Dinh La Thang: more than 900 billion has not recovered

The performance of the property verdict in the case of Mr. Dinh La Thang is facing many difficulties, only recovered 20,521 million, still more than 900 billion.

Verify the two apartments of Mr. Dina Le Thong in My Dinh "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Verify the two apartments of Mr. Dina Le Tannag in Dini

The enforcement office of the Hanoi Civil Court validates 2 apartments of Mr. Dina Le Aang to serve the execution of the verdict. Mr. Thang has to pay court fees of almost 1 billion, but still not paid.

"Enough people commit to corruption and also secretly hide the property"

According to the deputies of the NA, those who have enough intrigue to corrupt the state's money, also surrendered piece of hidden property.

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