Friday , May 14 2021

MU players are not allowed to put money on the page

Coach Solskjaer insists he "will behave: MU players only know money and reputation instead of focusing on expertise."

Solsquier is expected to reform Man United after a disappointing season. The Reds were left behind by two teams, Liverpool and Man City. They also lost 7 of their last 9 games in all competitions.

Rumor has it that many MU players will have to leave the summer transfer window. Herrera, Mata and Valencia are expected to leave Old Trafford for free transfer. The future of Pugba, de Pue, Sanchez, Lukako, Rojo and Dramian is still unclear.

Solskjaer MU coach The player is not allowed to put money on the image

Solskjaer: Players MU is forbidden to put money on the page

Sanchez is the case that makes Man United spend most of the money. The former Arsenal player has only contributed three Premier League goals since joining a team in January 2018 under contract with a base salary of £ 395,000 a week.

And Solskjaer warned that he prefers the creation of a team focused only on expertise rather than on money and fame on Old Trafford.

"If you prefer money or reputation, you do not have to be a Manchester United player or at least be a player on my team.

The same happened when I was in Molde, Cardiff. I need players who have confidence in me and my values. We do not want to get them if they come just because we recommend an extra 20% salary.

You can not say that this team has not spent enough money. If you look at the money spent, you can see the owner invested a lot of money and will continue to do it.

I was present at the meeting and I discussed it. But you can not change a team to just one transfer window. It will not happen after night, but we have enough confidence to help this team be better. "

Shuan Fong (TTVN)

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