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Murder of a relative who robbed a family member of “wanting punishment”: To whom did the prisoner give money at death? | news

Due to the need for money, Le Thanh Hung (30 years old, born in Ho Chi Minh City, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh; Pension in Yen Phu Department, Tay Ho District, Hanoi) murdered his uncle to steal a feature. Hang was sentenced to death by the Bakin Nin District Court, combining sentences for “murder” and “robbery.”

Defendant claimed who received the money to serve the sentence?

It should be noted that during the investigation of this case Hong repeatedly declared his motive and purpose causing the crime in order to have money to “manage the case”. Specifically, on November 29, 2019, Tae Ho County People’s Court sentenced Hong to 30 years in prison for “property theft.” To receive this sentence, Hong Kai had to spend more than 600 million dong for a number of police officers and judges to make and make a decision during the investigation, prosecution and trial process. Hang wanted to serve his sentence in Tai Ho County Police, but had no money left, so he murdered his relatives to steal property.

Conclusion Conclusion No. 74 / KLĐT.PC02 of the Bak Nin District Police cited Hang’s testimony and showed that Hang had given more than 600 million VND to Mr. HTA, a Department of Homeland Security officer; And Mr. N.Đ.C, the public security officer of Tai Ho County (Hanoi) in the Tai Ho District Police. Indictment No. 163 / CT-VKS-P2 of the National Institute of Civil Engineering, Bak Nin Province, issued on November 30, 2020, states that Hong Chai also gave money to run the verdict so that the judge could accept his order and settle it. case. Regarding this fact, the Bak Nin District Police and the Bak Nin District People’s Protection Institute said they had forwarded documents and documents related to the Hanoi Police for investigation according to their ability.

Than Nin contacted Tai Hu County Police regarding Hang’s testimony, but he denied receiving the money mentioned above. “I have no information. I do not accept it and I do not speak, he identifies with working with other people,” the source said. Meanwhile, Tae Ho County People’s Court leader also said he did not know about this information and asked PV to contact the investigative agency.

Answer youth In the past, Hanoi City Police Chief said the case shows signs of violation of judicial activities, so the case was forwarded for approval and clarification to the High Association’s investigative agency for verification and clarification according to the investigation.

“My client has specified running sentences many times”

As a defender of Defendant Hang’s rights in the first trial and at the stage of investigation and prosecution, attorney (LS) Nguyen Doc Tina, head of the bureau of LS Doc Tina (Beck Nin District Youth Association) said he was the boss. Testified again and again about the need for money to “run the sentence” as the conclusion of an investigation and the indictment presented. After spending more than $ 600 million to “run” back to a 30-month prison sentence, Hong needed more money to “run” to carry out his sentence in Tai Ho County, so he committed a crime at his uncle’s house.

According to LS Thinh, although many other documents also show Hong’s purposeful evidence of the crime, it is only a unilateral testimony of Hung, fully documented by the palace investigating officer, along with related documents, Bac. Nin District Police has referred the matter to settlement-related parties to the best of its ability.

According to LS Thinh, these are two different cases, the case of “Murder” and “Robbery” by Hung on February 21, 2020, in essence, has not changed much. At the time of the trial in the first instance, the Bakin District Court was cautious when it ruled that Hang needed the money, so the crime was consistent, including documents and evidence in the case file and the real case. However, in the near future, the legal agencies will clarify the case of the “penalty run”, if they conclude that Hong’s evidence is valid, at the time of the appeal, LS Thinh will ask the panel to consider the reason., Motives and causality to clear the case.

In addition, if it is made clear that there is a “punishment run” and killing of people in order to obtain “penalty run” money, this also shows signs of the crime group “violating judicial activities” listed in Chapter 24, which defined the crime of “bribery confession”. In section 354 and the crime of “bribery” under section 364 of the Criminal Law 2015.

“If the executions and the hang kills people to get money for serving the sentence are real, it’s very serious. The top popular recruitment investigation agencies need to get into a rigorous investigation, prosecution and trial,” L.S. Thin.

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