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Play PUBG Mobile was captured by police in India


In the state of Gujarat, this game is criticized by parents and educators for violence and students are lazy to learn.

greed The margin, Police Gog Ararat arrested 10 students when they played mobile games PUBG Portable March 14. Police said the students were so busy playing that they did not know anyone was coming near them. A week earlier, the government banned the game because of concerns that it was addictive and promoted violence. Students were released on bail after almost a day of detention.

The content of PUBG mobile shooting game is considered violent and addictive in India.

PUBG Mobile shooting game is very addictive in India.

PUBG It is still considered legal in the rest of India, but in Gujarat it receives many complaints from parents and educators that they are violent students and are too distracted to study. In February, a senior in Gujarat described the game as "a demon in every house" The American Times. Educators in India have also gradually expressed concern when this game is too addictive.

Last month, Bluehole, the parent company of PUBG, Announces local media India will address problems by building a gaming ecosystem, as well as continue to work with parents, educators and government agencies to listen to feedback. However, the company did not announce after yesterday's arrest.

Meanwhile, the opponent of this game is Portnit Without legal restrictions. Compared to PUBG, Portnit There are fantasy-style graphics instead of realistic simulations. Downloading games is not so simple on the Android operating system that users need to access the advertiser's homepage. It seems like the reason PUBG is easy to be a legislators target.

PUBG Portable Is the mobile version of the game PlayerUnknown of victims. The game is at the top of the most downloadable shooter games in the world today.

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