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Sedan 42 seat "stuffed" 73 people from Hanoi Yin Bai

According to the Traffic Police (Ministry of Public Security), the Ministry of Public Security, in recent days, the Department's focus received many news reports that passenger cars violated and directed traffic police to control, identify and identify was immediately treated.

On the morning of April 28, the traffic police received notice from people about the NH vehicles belonging to a transport organization in the Yen Bay province, which ran the Dayan-Ngia Lu route on April 27 and 28, driving a car to push customers up to 80-90 people. According to the reporter, the vehicle goes to Trung Ha Bridge, going along Route 32 National Go Nghia Lo, Bai wine and showing signs of carrying a prescribed number of people.

The traffic police directed the police force of Fu Tu District to send troops along the QL32 route for review. At 10h25, at 89 + 300 km, Highway 32 in the district of Thanh Son district, Fu Tu police identified 42 passenger cars in the plate number 21B 006.43 showing signs of violation, so stop control.Through the examination, police found that passenger cars were 73 people.

The driver was Do Van S (who lives in Nghia Lo, Bai wine), who admitted that when he left his Dina platform, he only carried 39 passengers, but arbitrarily stopped passengers along the road.

Sedan 42 seat
73 guests were "crammed" in 42 seat cars

According to the provisions of Decree 46/2016 / ND-CP of the Cabinet on sanctions of administrative violations in the field of road and rail traffic, for violations of drivers of V.VS and transport organizations loading passenger car 21B 006.23 will be fined more than 40 million USD.

Also on the morning of April 28, the Department of Traffic Police received news about passenger cars carrying several plates: 37B 005.35 belonging to the S.C garage, carrying more than the number determined on QL1A. Under the direction of the traffic police department, about 9 hours of traffic force of the Ninh Binh police police discovered, stopped and checked the passenger car on the bypass road of National Road 1A through the city of Ninh Binh. Actual inspection of passenger cars number 37B 005.35 of vehicles 42 seats, but carries more than 15 people.

Traffic police of Nina Binh prepared a documentation of care for the driver Nguyen.V. T (living Quynh Luu, Nghe An) and Garage S. For acts of carrying more than 5 people or more in a vehicle with over 30 seats. Under the law, motorists and motorcycles will be fined more than 20 million VND.

Sedan 42 seat
The focus of the traffic police received many reports of damaging passenger cars

According to the Department of Traffic Police, car owners, drivers are taking advantage of the holidays and TT to push customers are not new. Partly because of the awareness of people who do not have the habit of entering the station to buy tickets, arbitrarily waving vehicles along the road; Partially with high profits, so car owners and drivers ignore the law.

"It is time to force the installation of cameras in parallel with cruise monitoring equipment on passenger cars, so that management agencies can prevent acts while carrying more than a set number, stopping the parking passengers along the road …" – a representative of the traffic police said.

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