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Shock, 6 employees died of security order


On the evening of March 15, Wyn Long's police still collected evidence and worked with related parties to obtain evidence to clarify the cause of a very serious accident that many people had died.

An accident is not too predictable

In other developments, the Provincial Party Committee and the People's Committee of Wyn Long County organized a delegation to visit, encourage and share with the families of the victims in this horrific event … In the near future, the Vinh Long People's Committee supported the family with people. Death of 3 million VND and 1 million VND for the injured.

The accident occurred around 3:15 am. At this time, a group of employees are working on the construction of Bo Xing Co., Ltd. (Lot A2, Hua Fu Industrial Park, Long Ho District, Vinh Long), suddenly the 10 high wall collapsed. Immediate: Five people died and three others were injured.

Then inform The Ho Chi Minh City LawDr. Hu Thi Thu Hang, deputy director of Vinh Long General Hospital, said that one afternoon he died, and that afternoon the hospital received seven victims in an accident, but five died before entering the hospital. Who died of a traumatic brain injury, Nguyen Quoc Ai, 36 years old. There is another patient treated in fracture of the femur, broken pelvis, severe illness "- Deputy Director General Hospital Vienna Long said.

As well as information from Trans-Asia Hospital (Vinh Long) said that he had also been ill in an accident. This person was hospitalized in serious injury, diaphragmatic damage, broken ribs, intestinal occlusion and operated by surgeons.

Frantic wall collapse, 6 workers killed - photo 1
The collapse of the wall caused six workers to die.

Shocked, six dead workers - photo 2
The functional industry and police clean up the rubble. Pictures in post: CTV

Many lucky people escape

Commenting on the incident some people said that when the wall collapsed two lucky workers escaped, and the wounded shouted miserably, the scene was pitiful.

Mr. Wu Phi Phat (a construction worker) said that at the same time he was working in the back area when he heard a loud noise. When I ran outside, I saw the wall collapse, pushing many people. According to Mr. Phat, the wall has a height of over 10 m, more than 30 m. Length, built before T., there is no sign of cracking. After the incident, he and the workers feared that the adjacent wall would continue to collapse, and that the construction unit stopped construction.

Another witness, Mr. NMK (who lives in Long Ho County), was most shocked. He said he was lucky to escape when he changed his decision at the last minute. Thus, on that day, Mr. K decided to turn to work at this construction site, but later changed his mind.

Share with the press, chairman of Long Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Quang said the project takes accidents is the factory building of Bo Shing Co., Ltd., a foreign enterprise but the company hired Ho Chi Minh City, Sex City. Construction of prefabricated houses.

"Probably not doing the right technique, the wall is too large, so she can not handle it" – he said at the same time, he ordered to stop all site operations, prohibiting people from entering the prefabricated area near the wall collapsed.

Known that afternoon of the same day, the leader of the construction company went down to work with functional departments in the province of Vinh Long.

There must be a solution to ensure the safety of adjacent buildings

The Ministry of Construction has just issued the explicit announcement to direct the arrangement and repair of the accident.

Therefore, the implementation of the function of state administration of construction investment, at the same time participation in training support on the solution of events, ensuring the safety of people's lives and work, the Ministry of Construction announces the direction remarks of Deputy Minister Le Hong Quang assigned to the State Department expertise of construction quality to assume the primary responsibility and coordinate With the units: South Department of Labor, University of Western Construction, Institute of Science and Construction Technology immediately approaches the construction site. In doing so, they investigate incidents and correlations to determine the cause of the collapse, suggest solutions that will ensure safety for people and work, and close jobs.

"At the same time, coordinate with the local department for construction to review and check the construction work in the construction area and ask the investor has solutions to overcome, ensure safety for people and property in the necessary case" – the said shipment.

18:30 on March 15, was replaced by telephone The Ho Chi Minh City Law, Mr. Tran Van Rhone, Secretary of the Party Committee in Wyn Long County, said that the county ordered the county police to coordinate with functional agencies to enter, investigate and verify the cause of a work accident, in which the body determine the construction process, quality of the work … to handle in accordance with regulations. "As for the victims, since noon, the authorities have visited directly hospitals to visit and encourage families," – he said.

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