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South Korea released visa regulations to Vietnam for love with Hang Seo Park


South Korean ambassador to Vietnam Kim Du-hyun (Photo: Than Dutt)

South Korean ambassador to Vietnam Kim Du-hyun (Photo: Than Dutt)

Kim Du-hyun, the Korean ambassador to Vietnam, has announced the new government's visa policy for many visas.

According to Ambassador Kim Do-hyun, from December 3, citizens have a permanent residence in 3 cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang will receive a five-year visa, allowing them to enter Korea several times and up to 30 days each. This is one of the Korean government's preferential policy to simplify immigration procedures for citizens of three major cities in Vietnam.

"Our greatest goal is to present a policy that this breakthrough is to increase the exchange of people with Vietnam and also an opportunity for both countries to tighten bilateral relations," said Ambassador Kim Du-hyun.

South Korean diplomats said that with a new visa policy, citizens of three major cities may come to Korea, stay up to 30 days, then return to Vietnam to return immediately. South Korea stay another 30 days. Ambassador Kim Du-hyun said the South Korean government does not have specific regulations on special education or occupations for citizens who benefit from the new visa policy.

Ambassador Kim Du-hyun noted two reasons for the Korean government's decision to introduce a new visa policy with Vietnam: the first is part of South Korea's new South Korean policy, the second is the love of Vietnamese people for Korean Park coach Hung Seo.

"At the moment Vietnamese people love special love for Park Hung Seo Coach." The affection of the Vietnamese people has made the people and the Korean government very impressed and we also want to act to respond to the love of Vietnamese people for Hung Seo Park, "he said. Kim Du-hyun said.

President of South Korea Moon in (right) shaking hands with Seong Park Seo during his visit to Vietnam in March.

President of South Korea Moon in (right) shaking hands with Seong Park Seo during his visit to Vietnam in March.

Ambassador Kim Du-hyun said Vietnam was the first country in Southeast Asia to implement a new visa policy in Southeast Asia. According to Kim Du-hyun, the reason for this is the fact that Korea always attaches great importance to Vietnam – a strategic partner in South Korea's policy. In addition, it also shows the importance of strategic partnership Vietnam South Korea.

According to Ambassador Kim Du-hyun, although the proportion of Vietnamese staying illegally in Korea remains high and there are concerns that Korea's new visa policy may increase this rate, it still believes in the good future of both countries.

"I want to stress the importance of cooperation for the future," said the South Korean ambassador.

Ambassador Kim Du-hyun confirmed that Vietnam and South Korea "have many similarities" and are "brothers". He expects Vietnamese citizens to take advantage of the new visa policy to reach Korea and increase opportunities for cooperation in trade, investment, business, employment and research.

According to Ambassador Kim Do-hyun, implementation of the new policy will be "stepping" to the future government of the Korean government to expand the citizens of other cities in Vietnam, and not only limited. In 3 large cities like today. In addition, the Ambassador expects that in the future, Korea will exempt entry visas for Vietnamese citizens.

"My ambition is to exempt visas for Vietnamese citizens, but to do so requires a lot of time, so I want to take steps, and this new policy is one such step." Ambassador Kim Du-hyun said.

Statistics of the Korean Embassy in the past 3 years indicate that the number of visa applications to Korea increased from 43,435 cases in 2014 to 116,982 cases in 2017, 192.3%.

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