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Sports News HOT 16/3: Federer discovers the hardest decision of his life


Saturday, March 16, 2019 00:04 (GMT + 7)

(Sports News) With a superstar like Federer, they need to make decisions that can affect their whole career.

Video of Federer – Edmund B. Indian Wells:

Federer discovered the most difficult decision of his life. "I had to make very strong decisions about my coaching," says FedEx, "when there are times when I do not have a coach and with foreigners it's hard to understand, but for me it's time to make an important step forward."

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Federer is the hardest to think about coaching

Nadal is pleased that Federer plans to re-export the clay land: "This is his personal decision, for me, the only thing that can be said is a positive sign, because the best players that appear in many tournaments will be good for this sport.

Los Angeles Lakers intended to drive LeBron James away. Reporter Ric Bucher of Bleacher reported that a source close to Los Angeles said Lakers owner Jenny Buss was considering pushing the LeBron James to another team, to finish all contact with the Ritz representative. broad bean. The main reason in this case was that Rich Paul was leaked to Los Angeles; Les Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans negotiate with Anthony Davis with tradition.

Boxer Tony Ferguson behaved strangely. Ferguson's wife said he was behaving strangely. For example, while Ferguson's wife was traveling to another city to visit relatives, UFC's stockers led her into the house and locked the door with a new lock so his wife could not enter. She noticed an exception from her husband and called the police. Someone advised Ferguson to go to health and neurological examinations.

Michael Basinging Defends McGregor: "Look at Kenya West, he picked up another camera and smashed it, but that hand was never locked in. Looking directly into reality, McGregor faces such situations every day, according to media reports, it happened around 5 am You got out in a bit nervous mood You also do not want your picture to be drunk at 5.

Sports News HOT 15/3: McGregor was ordered to pay $ 15,000

Connor McGregor is asked for compensation of $ 15,000 for breaking other people's phones.

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