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Stable price of pork increases financing – businesses


In particular, the price of pigs stabilized Ho Chi Minh City has been adjusted to increase the correct cycles and cause many questions.

Pork slightly reduced, prices of meat stand motionless

Price movements of pork

On June 7, pork prices of enterprises participating in the stabilization program adjusted from VND 1,000-5,000 / kg.The price of steam in the southeast from 47,000 to 50,000 VND / kg. New growth: thighs to 95,000 VND / kg, shoulder meat 91,000 VND / kg, turkey trionychid 112,000 VND / kg, 90,000 VND / kg old ribs, 87,000 VND / kg.

On 11.10, the pork of enterprises involved stabilize the price increase of 1,000 – 7 thousand VND / kg. The price of pork market 53,000 – 54 thousand VND / kg. New price: Pork sold at VND107,000 / kg, shoulder meat at VND95,000 / kg, VND101,000 / kg at stake, VND97,000 / kg for slices and VND119,000 / Kg of lean meat 122,000 kg / kg.

On November 6, prices of live pigs from 50,000 to 52 thousand VND / kg, market prices remained stable.

The average price of steam in the country is spinning around 50,000 VND / kg.The price of meat in the wholesale market is about 67,000 to 68,000 VND / kg, as the price of lunch has dropped. Nguyen Thi Hong If, the director of service company Ha Ha Ltd. (HCM City), said: the price of pigs fell slightly last month, now traders buy pigs from neighboring provinces to kill bases the price of the company is around 50,000 – 51,000 VND / k "C, in some places a good pig can be purchased up to 52,000 VND / kg.The latest decline in pork prices may be due to the psychology of many small-scale farmers fear of disease should be sold to avoid risks.

Surprisingly, the price of pigs decreased slightly, HCMC raised the price of pork and stabilize the market. Specifically from 11.10, the Ministry of Finance adjusted the price of pork from 1,000 to 7,000 VND / kg.In selling pork prices to stabilize, pork prices are high.In particular: lean chips, thin thighs at 114,000 VND / kg, Fillet 135,000 VND / kg, lean meat 112,000 VND / kg, 135,000 VND / kg, 198,000 VND / VND 122,000 / kg … In the traditional markets, the price of pork has increased from 3,000 to 5,000 VND / Kg around the price stabilized.

The above evidence shows that the market stabilization program does not catch up with the market. In some cases, the basis for the units based on this basis for profits.

Meanwhile, in the northern area, Mr. Yang Wan Quang, a businessman selling pork in the Van Gogh market, Yang (Hong Yang, Hong Yin) said that the price of pork for almost a week is in a stable country from 41,000 – 45,000 / VND VDD, which is much lower than the record in May – June of 54,000-55 thousand VND / C. Specifically, the price of whole cut pork delivery is 55,000 – 56,000 VND / kg, shipping by piece from 58,000 to 59,000 VND / kg.In the Viengiang market, the market price of pork is only 60,000 VND / kg; But the meat from 58,000 to 59,000 VND / kg, the meat is only 85 thousand VND / kg. "Compared with the highest prices in May and June, retail pork prices fell by 15-15 thousand dollars per kilogram," Kuang said.

Need to follow the rules of the market

Mr. Nguyen Dong Xuan, acting director of the Department of Animal Development (MARD) said: The price of pig farming is only about 38,000 – 40,000 VND / kg, so the sale price is 45,000 VND.High profitability.But if the price is higher Than 45,000 VND / kg axis, there is a large risk of overexploitation of meat to the domestic market, where local enterprises will lose the market, difficult to control the epidemic. The goal of the livestock department is the price of pigs continues to fall, about 45 thousand per kilogram axis to prevent the risk of foreign pig entering the market. "The price of pigs will be reduced Although from now to demand the New Year's moon is growing but the current supply of pigs is not lacking, plus People have a lot of chicken choices, and plentiful eggs contribute to keeping the pig market stable, "Dong said.

One problem with Nguyen Thi Hong Tham is that small farmers are selling pork to avoid the risk of disease, so the amount of pigs remaining in the population is not much, most pigs remain large enterprises. From now until the end of the year, pork consumption should be very difficult to predict.

According to experts, the price pork pork prices rise or vice versa or the price of meat generally does not fall with pork prices have two main reasons. First, we have too many middlemen in the value chain. Second, more importantly, our economy is only half the market, the other half has regulation. Specifically, the price stabilization program. We operate according to the order of managers and therefore the rules of the market are broken and consumers are always inferior. Assuming that the Ho Chi Minh City government does not manage the market by administrative orders, there is no intervention to allow the price of pork to stabilize in early October, this may be different now. The input price is down but the output price is high, so ask if any business is foolish to reduce the market price? Businesses continue to look at each other and therefore the price of meat does not lower the price of steam, "said one expert (not there).

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