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Thai Binh expressed on the project with nearly 3.9 million bid


The results of the selection of investors issued after 2 days from the closing of a proposal for a coastal highway project of nearly $ 3.900 billion is "the right process" – the province of Binh Thai said.

Investment project of construction of coastal road in the province of Binh Thai in the form of a BOT contract announced the results of the selection of investors on February 14.

Phuong Anh Construction Trading Limited Investment Company is the only winning unit. The decision to approve the results of the investors' choice is given only two days after the closing date of the offer.

Specifically, the project has a total investment of 3,872 billion VND, with a total length of 35.5 km, a starting point at Km9 + 00, intersecting with a new 37 national highway at Km2 + 384.15; The Red River commune at Nam Fu, Tian Hai Province.

The project includes the construction of a bridge over the Red River, at a length of 2,195 km, connecting to the coastal road of Nam Dinh province.

Why the project nearly 3.9 million, quick proposal offer only 2 days?
The coastal road has a total investment of nearly 3,900 billion Thai Binh province. Photo: Newspaper Suggestions

This project is expected to play a role in connecting the northern coastal corridor, expanding the land foundation for investment in production, improving efficiency in the use of marine resources, and serving socio-economic development. The communities have routes that pass through Binh Thai province.

According to the decision, Pong Anna was elected to the investor from 2018 to 2021; The payback period is 23 years and 3 months.

With respect to capital structure, the central budget capital is 1.100 billion Denmark (including 10% of the provisions); Domestic capital and other mobilized capital sources were 1,593 billion VND; Capital investors is 1.291 billion VND.

"Correct process"

Information with VietNamNet, chairman of the Thai People's Committee Binh Dang Trong Thang, said that over 2 days time period is very short, but this is the result of the evaluation committee of the proposal and complied with the provisions of the law.

Mr. Eng said: "This is a strategic project of the province, so the preparatory steps are very careful, and the process is that after the investor submits the bids, he will open the proposal and the proposal.

The biggest problem is that there is no difference between the bid and the auction, so the contract can be signed immediately.

There are 3 problems that the county met with the investor to get an agreement, meaning that the investor has a bank guarantee file for 1 year, but because the contract is 3 years, it should be adjusted. The words in the document "temporarily calculated", the investor proposes to remove the word but the county does not agree.

The investor offers to transfer the state capital in the first 2 years, the third year is the capital of the builder. However, this is a project with 3 capital sources, so it is necessary to pay at the same time. Finally, the investor also accepted the above three. After the negotiations are completed, a new contract is signed. "

Director of the Project Management Unit for Transportation and Investment Construction (the Thai People's Intelligence Committee) Bui Anh Tuan said that the results of selecting investors were carried out in a complete process, starting with an initial selection on international proposals.

"This is the first project in the country in the form of a BOT contract which selects 2 investors through the prequalification phase.Tips to ensure the correct process of detailing some of the articles of the bill on selecting investors" – Mr. Tuan said.

Mr. Tuan explained further, investors meet the technical, financial and commercial requirements required by the proposal documents and offer the state's first ranked capital contribution, invited to initial negotiation of contracts. It is then a stage of negotiation and signing of project contracts.

Mr. Tuan said that when signed, leaders of departments and related agencies joined the meeting to get direct opinions, reduce the time of delivery and documents, so the time to sign contracts is greatly reduced.

At present, Thai Binh has completed over 80% of the clean land fund to serve the project.

Earlier, at the end of 2017, the President of the Beijing District Nguyen Thai Hong Dayan (now Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee) suggested to the Ministry of Transport that he completed the pre-feasibility study report of the road project. (PPP) with an estimated total investment of approximately VND 3,872 billion.

Mr. Dayan said, This is an important project that connects Binh Thai with Cat Bi Airport (Hai Phong) and Mong Cai International Border Gate (Quang Ninh).

Thai Binh offered to invest in coastal road BOT nearly 3,900 million "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Thai Binh offered to invest in coastal road BOT nearly 3,900 billion USD

Binh Thai District Chairman suggested that the Ministry of Transport study and invest in the construction of coastal road in the form of BOT with nearly 3.9 billion USD.

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