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The memory of the soldier in the struggle to free Saigon's gate

Referring to the years of heroic struggle, the soldiers of the past year are still proud of their ability to contribute some of their efforts in the struggle for peace and independence for the Vietnamese people. Despite being late, the pictures of friends, friends, memories of intellect, courage and courage of those who fell were still there …

The stairs are not tired …

One day, at the end of April, I happened to meet Mr. Nguyen Thien Quinna (CN 1956), vice chairman of the Anna Hue Association – he was a soldier who had been in resistance against the American puppet army.

Just pouring out the water cup, he just started the story in a deep voice: "These days remember the great team members, remember those who sacrificed, remember those who live now still carry the wound of war …".

Mr. Quinn joined the army when he was 18 at the call of the state, that was in 1974, also the time when our political battles were difficult. After being trained for Tana Hoa in February 1975, he was strengthened into the Third Division – the only unit directly involved in the struggle for the liberation of the South.

Memory of the Soldier in Battle for the Liberation of the Saigon Gate

Mr. Nguyen Thien Cain recalled the days of resistance.

Starting from Binna Dina Wars, a center-lift campaign, opened in Boon who will slow down, the enemy's 19-lane supply, bursting through Phan Rang's line, Ba Ria-Vung Tau release … These memories are still fresh, like a slow motion film for Nguyen Tyne Queenh veteran.

The mission assigned by Nguyen Thien Kuyna was a tour. To win the battle, we have to capture the direction of the enemy… People like Mr. Quinn have to wriggle and merge into the enemy. He said that his job and that of his teammates is to catch every detail of the enemy, how their steps are going, how the plot … any mistake will cost very expensive, so even if it is difficult Unnamed: towards, dangerous can not step back.

He said: "At night we dressed, crawled secretly to the base to observe, remember every place, the enemy corner exactly, summed up the situation and reported.Then many times when encountering the enemy, the line between life and death very fragile, then these times also find ways to escape the enemy. A soldier in a mission must overcome the fear in order to complete the mission. "

There are times of 40-50 km military operations still not tired, just go every day of the day, the next night, it leaves the leaves for a while and then marching again.In the sky, enemy planes were covered all day and night, enemy hunting down.

Mr. Quinn also remembers the action of Nin Thuan to Ba Riya – Wong Tau after the Pan Rang Liberation Battle, the distant road, the red earth is the dust, the food and drink are apparently unavailable. So exhausted, but the brothers just went and encouraged each other and came.

"My friend, who is from Hau Loc, lost a leg after this battle …" – Mr. Queenh said sadly. "I have been through, witnessed many cruel quarrels, but still chasing me in the Battle of Pan Rang,

Surprise before great joy!

Also a soldier of the Third Golden Star Division, a soldier Nguyen Xuan Phuc (born in 1954, Kwan Xiang Yang, Tho Xuan District, Thanh Hoa) was the first person to hold a gun to fight since 1973. Saigon gate victories, creating a springboard for the army Move forward to the liberation of South Vietnam.

Memory of the Soldier in Battle for the Liberation of the Saigon Gate

Soldier Nguyen Xuan Phuc regretted when he talked about more than 200 friends and his colleague Thu Xuan sacrificed in the fight against the US.

"The more the army is liberated, the more hostile the day, but it is my night, and during the day the enemy diverted the flag, and at night we raised the flag of the enemy, we liberated the flag of liberation, we seized all the walls. .

Ordered us to create a surprise, beat quickly and quickly to make the enemy able to keep up. Specifically, in March 1975, we launched a campaign to advance in general on two main directions: from Nam Po Cat to Binh Khe, An Non and the direction of coordination Hoi Nhon, Phu My, Van Canh, to draw the flank. 22 The Saigon Army, controlling Route 19 (Binh Dinh to Pleiku), Pooh Airport Cat … does not allow them to maneuver and save the central mountain.

"To divide the enemy, at 5:30 am on March 4, 1975, the 19th Battalion regiment collapsed at Bridge 12 (Long Bridge), forming a position for our 3rd Brigade to shoot and capture the key points, Highway 19 (from Xuan Maun Kuan Thuong to Pass Thuong Yang.) Towards Fu Kat, Dong An Nahon, we liberated 5 communes, we cut off Highway 1, we broke enemy attacks.

On March 24, 1975 the central level was liberated and all the enemy army withdrew on Route 7 destroyed. On March 31, 1975, the city of Koi Nakhon and the Bina Dinah district were completely liberated. On April 16, 1975, I smashed "Steel Shield" Pan Rang, captured two generals Nguyen Wyn Nghi and Pham Ngok Sang.

After winning the government in Pan Rang, our brothers and sisters continued to advance to Bai Ria-Wong Tau as the general attack. On April 28 Wong Tau was released. My battalion fought here and was ordered to stop calling the prisoners, to stabilize the situation, and the other armies were responsible for releasing Con Dao and releasing Saigon. "Nguyen Shuan Fook recalls.

"I remember there was a battle on the location of Dong Zana, near the 3 provinces of My Po, Hoai An and Hoai Nhon.The enemy is a lot of fire fighters, I use two battalions.The battle was intense, which ended in victory for us, but the casualties were too big. With 35 armed men injured and died.

When we entered the war we decided that we were not afraid to die, we were not afraid to suffer, but when we saw our friends fall, we were very broken, and we still had to tell us not to shock our will. It was time to listen to the radio announcing that we had won the government that we hugged each other and wept. We did it, but the moment of achieving the government is still surprising … ".

Mr. Fook was like Mr. Quinn, and many old soldiers came back with their wounds. Nguyen Chuan Fook also pitied the number of 223 members of more than 600 people who were his homeland Thanh Hoa who sacrificed in battle to expel the American puppet army, to contribute to the effort and to write so the epic version of the great victory of the spring of 1975 .

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