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The price of electricity is full of gate losses and propaganda …? | Financing – businesses

At the end of 2011, in a press release announcing the production of electricity and commerce of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for 2017, there are several points far. These are expenses that are not included in the cost of production and trade in electricity in 2017, including: the balance of exchange rate differences was not taken into account in the production and business costs of the National Company for Electricity Transmission. VND 1,940.29 billion; The difference between the exchange rate and the implementation of electricity trading contracts for electricity generating units in 2017 is about 3,071.14 billion VND.

After profit still increases the price to compensate for old losses

The total exchange rate difference was not fully calculated for the price of electricity in 2017 with more than 5,000 billion VND. In addition, the difference in the exchange rate of execution of electricity trading contracts for generating units in previous years was not included in the electricity price. According to the Electricity Authority (Ministry of Industry and Trade), the exchange rate is not included in the price of electricity of 754 billion dong, exchange rate differentials arising from 2018 was not included in the electricity price up to 3.559 billion Dong … Thus, especially exchange rate differences accumulated over the years that were not fully computed at the prices Electricity to nearly $ 10,000 billion.

So also in the interest of thousands of billions of VND, but next year, electricity prices must also increase with the reason … to offset losses on old losses and the difference in exchange rates. For example, in 2017 EVN announced a profit of 2,799.08 billion dong, but with the expenses not yet included in the price of electricity in previous years (including exchange rate differences), the price of electricity should be calculated from 2019. "Again one of the ways to reduce losses, By raising electricity sales prices in March is such an estimate, this year, after increasing 8.36% of the electricity price, EVN will increase revenues by $ 20 billion.If you add 3% interest, EVN will increase revenue by more than 6,500 billion dong. However, according to the EVN, the industry still needs to pay additional input costs including a coal of 7,000,000 VND, the gas price difference cover almost VND 6 billion, the exchange rate of almost VND 4,000,000,000 and other expenses that make the total expenditure up to 21 million,000 VND.

The principle of calculating electricity prices includes only expenses for operation and supply of electricity. However, in fact, there are expenses "Paradise" still included in the price of electricity production and businesses as the cost of propaganda to save electricity in power companies. In 2016, according to EVN, total expenditure on electricity savings is $ 331 billion, an increase of $ 488 billion in 2017 (up to $ 157 billion, or 47% after a year).

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The price of electricity has increased

This does not include the losses of the investment in the industry up to tens of thousands of billions of VND, which was discovered by the government inspection before included in the calculation of the price of electricity. Referring to the draft decision to amend Resolution 24 of the Prime Minister on the mechanism of adjustment of average retail electricity price, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) also stressed, it is necessary to clarify the content "Total other costs, including exchange rate and reasonable expenses and other attacks in accordance with existing regulations" In the calculation of electricity prices. Because according to VCCI, EVN has a lot of expenses on various activities. Earlier, in 2013, the conclusion of the Government Inspectorate also noted that EVN not only had many mistakes in non-core investment causing losses, but also accounted for many incorrect expense items for erroneous purposes.

Calculate "a lot" of expenses on electricity prices

Energy expert Tran Van Binah (German Vietnamese overseas), who currently advises many renewable energy projects in Vietnam, said that the way to "free" all costs of calculating electricity prices is to make the theory of mathematics.No one calculates the cost of electrical products including Cost losses from non-core investment, investment costs of entertainment or propaganda industry.Electric industry put the cost of calculating the cost of electricity is not transparent, although the Ministry of Industry and Commerce said that tens of trillions of EVN losses from previous years do not include the price of electricity sold, Believes that when the price of electricity is increased to compensate for losses, which compensation does not compensate And what?

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Will the price of electricity close?

"Every day there are still very generic words clogged like" other reasonable costs ", the sign body wants to reassure people that we do not compensate for the losses of investment losses in the industry." Still using doubts, Bain said, adding that the investment in the electricity industry is really great, The control over the property and the quality of the materials and equipment is still unknown. Any proposal, purchase of equipment, replacement … and depreciation of investment costs, while, it is necessary agency to independently assess and evaluate the quality of investment materials and equipment (input). Not to see.

According to this expert, in Germany, there are 3-4 large private companies specializing in electricity investments, they operate independently and compete with each other. There is no electricity monopoly, they "play" according to the law of economic competition of the market, buy and sell at the same time, the profit rate does not sound.

Talking about the burden of exchange rate differentials, according to an economic expert, by the end of 2018, Hydropower still provides the largest output market, up 41% and 37% of coal power … So why electricity is produced from the country? Assuming this difference in the exchange rate can be understood as the import of coal do thermoelectricity, according to economic and economic expert Nguyen Tri Hieu, often the exchange rate difference, which is handled cost, is reasonable in principle. . However, this applies only to the goods of a competitive business and standard market. With electricity, a proprietary business, no competition with anyone, this type of accounting is not true. Second, foreign currency loans will pay foreign currencies often business losses, but they completely predict fluctuations in the exchange rate with the tools that banks provide when buying foreign currency. And despite paying the difference in the exchange rate, in return, businesses borrow foreign currency are entitled to lower interest rates than Dong loans, so the losses are not really big.

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