Monday , June 27 2022

The ship collapsed, 52 fishermen of Kwang Nam drifted into the sea of ​​Huang Sa


At 14:30 on April 30, Da Nang's charming information station received information directly from QNa 90129 fishing boat, TS announced that the broken train should float on the sea.

The fishing boat from Kwang Nam was in distress

Rescuers access to fishing vessels of fishermen Quang Nam in distress at sea. Artwork

Specifically, the fishing vessel QNa 90129 TS practice in the mode of coordinates 17 ° 11 ° 00 ° – 112 ° 02 00E is about 226 miles northeast of Da Nang, the ship has a machine drifting towards 40 speed, speed 2 logic / hour , The ship can not get over. Weather level 4 wind area, there are 52 crew members, the ship requires emergency assistance.

In the afternoon of April 30, information of the People's Commune Committee of the Yang Minh, Nui Thanh District, Nam Quang province also confirmed, fishing vessel of local fishermen was distressed Hoang Sa.

According to information, earlier on the morning of 28 April, the QNa 90129 TS was led by Mr. Luong Van Vien (who lives in Dong Village, Tam Jongyang) as the dock owner. There are 52 crew members on deck.

At 10 am on April 30, when he was taking advantage of seafood in the waters of Hung Sa, Archipelago of Wayne unfortunately broke and drifted freely. At 14h30, information at the Da Nang beach station received rescue and rescue information.

On the same day, another fishing boat caught up in the Tam Jong community in the area of ​​Mr. Wayne's ship in distress was there to support and wait for rescue forces to be rescued. Today the health of 52 fishermen is stable.

After receiving the information, the Da Nang Coastal Information Center has transferred emergency search and rescue information to agencies and units seeking to save the area and have a timely support program.

At the same time, Vietnam beach information system has broadcast the information on distressed fishing vessels requires vehicles operating in the environment to improve the observation and support of fishing vessels QNa 90129 TS.


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