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The stars are exhausted by their parents: the dead are not sad, the poor for the cause …


1. Mai Diem Fong

The life of Diva Mae Diam Pong also suffered when lost. "Madonna of Asia", who died of cancer in her 40s.

At the end of her life, she did not wear her white wedding dress as pure desire, missing the love story with two men alive.

However, years of preparing to leave, instead of comforting words, encouragement from relatives, she received calls from the mother to constantly push the isolation of desire, leaving all property on your own.

Before his death, Mae Diam Fong made a testament: "Every month for mother 70,000 yuan living expenses, the remaining to establish a children's education fund, bring real estate to donate you good to Liu Bowie."

However, my Kim Dum was not satisfied with this, asking the court to bring all her property for the reason that the daughter made a will in a mental state is unclear.

Mai Diem Fong's mother often complains that she is poor, does not eat enough to be able to get public approval and take control of her daughter's legacy.

After they knew that this could not be done, her mother sold the remains, even her daughter's underpants, which angered the net.

After losing multiple suits, May Diam Fong's mother owed more than 2 million Hong Kong dollars ($ 6 billion) in lawyer fees and went bankrupt in 2012.

After the bankruptcy, Mai Diem Fong's mother still gets 30,000 Hong Kong dollars ($ 90 million) a month, but she still calls for poverty and asks the court to raise the living expenses to $ 120,000 in Hong Kong (360 million).

It is not until 2016 that the bankruptcy order of May Diam Fong was removed and her life allowances returned to $ 120,000 HK.

However, because the desire to raise the whole family only knows "eat not to sit" then Dam says he lived very hard and asked to raise the amount to 200 thousand Hong Kong dollars (600 million) per month.

After she wanted, Ms. Dam again sued all the remaining assets of Mae Diem Fong, but failed.

So far, Ms. Dam was 95 years old and never stopped suing her daughter 15 years ago. She went to court in Hong Kong and demanded another 200,000 Hong Kong dollars ($ 595 million) to pay for the 91-year-old celebration to "compensate."

Mother Mai Diem Fong said that she is 61 and 71 years old when she was still alive, her 91 year celebration was not organized and she wanted to be able to "make up" and set up. The hotel is a loan hotel in March next year with more than 30 banquet tables.

2. Truong hot

Zhang Shaoham is one of the most beautiful of many regret. Excellence and Excellence, a career as the wind came, but in 2008, Jang opened the press conference her mother and mother cut off the relationship.

Soon after, the mother of Zhang Luo, the daughter of a drug addiction funeral. The actress denied the information and told the truth that she was too tired for her mother to withdraw all the money she had earned over 10 years.

Because of losing money, Zhang's mother took money to repay the debt, making her bank account only the number zero, the white actress after the career record.

Mother and his daughter Trung shook their hair and fought in the street

Deals with the news at the age of 15, a rolling towel and money rolled to repay the family and support themselves. During those years, her mother became a manager both at work and in finance. She took all the money she had saved and made her daughter white.

Later, there was information that Jang's father had to go to Vietnam to open a house of steaks. The actress also condemned the Aang to make her parents sick but she did not provide a dong.

Trung's rumors preceded the news, but the majority supported it in what Ang had done in the past because the mother was too much.

3. Mao Xiaobo

Not long ago, it was said that Clip is the biological father of a female entertainer who distracted him from his poor condition without the help of his rich and famous daughter.

Although the video did not mention Mao Xiaodong's name, but the information from the man's joint show, the actress born in 1988 was questioned.

This man claims that he is the father of a female star, now famous, wealth worth hundreds of millions of yuan (equivalent to hundreds of billion), but not support it.

The man also told her that she had come to meet her daughter, but she was denied. At the show, the man said he wanted to "shake" her daughter, determined to take her to court and demanded up to 50 million yuan ($ 175 billion) compensation for the material. And spiritually.

As soon as this information was published, a wave of anger and criticism came from the father. Many people think that this person deliberately eat, dig his daughter alcohol.

In fact, what Mao Xiaodong has until now is not as big as what the other father said. She is still a supporting actress, and her income can not be compared with other stars.

4. Rie Miyazawa

Ria Miyazawa's life is full of events from his mother. She was born without her father, mother is an unknown actor, earning more money to cover life from the "girl bag" restaurant.

Realizing that the bigger and more beautiful daughter, Rey's mother had begun to introduce her into the entertainment business. From the age of 11, Ree has become a promising young model. Career opportunities come to her more and more rampant, making Rie become a beautiful family of sunrise.

Emma, ​​not to miss this opportunity, immediately intervenes and controls everything in her career as an actress.

Rey's mother advised her daughter to sleep with director Takeshi Kitano, but she refused drastically.

Before her adolescence, when Cherry did not know, her mother asked her to take a picture of herself naked, and made a picture of herself called "Santa Fe," which she sold to a big fashion magazine. This image helped the magazine reach record sales with sales of 1.55 million – the largest number in history.

Later she told the story by RE with a lot of bitterness. It turns out, at the age of 17, Rie was taken in bars, restaurants, and mother taught the skills to please men, even, her mother forced her to sleep with men. Make money, exchange new contacts and opportunities.

Later, her mother forbade her and Comrade Takanaughna. Because of this, Ree becomes depressed and intends to commit suicide.

However, her mother has received a series of advertising contracts, a new film which makes her increasingly click. Finally, Ree has to go to the States to treat the disease. When she returned to Japan, Ree announced her mother's death.

5. Lindsay Lohan

"Lindsay Lohan, the Queen of Youth," became a mirror for the world entertainment scene, when a towering American lady slammed her career path, love.

She became the "introduction" of the police station when she was involved in scandals such as drug use, drug driving, a detoxification center, and more.

Lindsay Lohan – Queen of Youth.

And now "Queen of the scandal"

One of the reasons Lindsay fell into such a traumatic situation is that her family was destroyed. Lindsay's mother, Dina, said she used the popularity of her daughter to help her get media attention, to revive Dina's artistic career.

Despite this, she was associated with evening entertainment to shoot her in Lindsay's rehab center.

Dina also made Lindsay very angry when selling their own items online without Lindsay's consent. Dina even intended to make a TV show about herself, but took her private life as a pedal.

6. McCulay Collins

Macaulay Culkin became the star of Showbiz Show with $ 15 million at the age of 15, and even nominated for the Golden Globe.

But to get the coins and fame, Kolkien Kolkien has been painstakingly exploited by the parents.

Kolkin's parents see him as a money machine. It was McCulay's father who chose the script, the job, his advertising contract.

Being too young, but taking on a workload that is no different from the adults makes Macaulay Kulkin nervous and stressful, plus a celebrity too early, the guy fell with the shot, the party put down.

Macaulay Culkin's career ended even when criticized by most fans for re-export.

Macaulay's once shocking picture

Macaulay Culkin announced his retirement at the age of 35. Now, his life was much better when meeting beautiful Asian dating Brenda Song.

7. Misha Burton

American reality star "OC" Misha Burton falls in love with her biological mother – also her manager – stealing money from catse, in addition to chasing her out of her Beverly Hills villa. holding.

Noela, Misha's mother, lied to her about the amount of money she would receive in a film project in 2013 and she enjoyed all the differences. In addition, Misha reveals that her mother is getting a large loan, while trying to get her name in her mansion, although the house is paid by the actress.

Misha describes her parents as "just sitting and waiting for me to work hard on the lives of both of you."

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