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The "teacher" of the village does not have the training level of hundreds of poor students who pass through the university to education


Monday, November 19, 2012 2:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Without a degree, have never been trained through the school for pedagogy but for more than 20 years, the "village teacher" is still difficult in class. Thanks to the teachings of this "teacher," hundreds of students move to prestigious universities.

The Story of "The Village Teacher"

The man named Dang Tien Dung (1957, resident of Hamlet 5, Dong Phuc commune, Huhe Khe district (Tinh province).

Over the past 24 years, this status of "unqualified teachers" has not only been popular in the commune but has spread to many other places. Parents who have children in the neighboring communes bring their children to Mr. Dang's classes.

The winding road leading to Mr. Dong's classroom is the old green canopy. From the outside, a simple four-story house between the hills is only 30m2 wide with old furniture and lecture set in the corner.

Mr. Dong's class in poor Pok Dong

Just stopped in front of the gate, a man with a small figure only 1m40, step slowly lame steps out and introduced "I'm garbage."

A gentle and gentle smile is an inspiring first impression when we meet "teachers in the village." When the guests were asked, Mr. Dong began to tell about his life sadly.

He was born in a family of five brothers whose parents were members of the Communist Party of Fok Dong. He was born as a normal person like his colleagues, but at the age of 6 he had malignant malaria, after much failed treatment, paralyzing one leg, difficulty walking.

The road to the distance was paralyzed during all the school years when he had to go to school on his mother's feet. When it comes to education but health conditions do not allow, Mr. Dung studied only seventh grade absent.

When he grew up, he married a man from the same village and had five children, and since then he has had to struggle with difficulties.

The burden of rice, clothes, and rice money made him try all sorts of jobs, from bills, mail, trade union, builders, carpentry … as long as there is money to take care of the family.

The teacher "garbage" teach the students

It's hard, but it's hard work, but every day working on the man is still researching books, cultivating knowledge and teaching with 5 children to learn.

"The day I go to work on the farm, at night I went to school with my children … I bought more books and read from the book to teach children.Then the father and children together learn, there are unresolved problems must be up to morning to finish," Dung said.

Every school I study is the class that is the father to learn the class, the self-study and often as a student, sometimes they argue with each other about a difficult problem, or a problem as a class holder.

"Do not call me a teacher"

Then the sweet came to the teacher when five children landed at the university, happier when three of them finished good grades and took the same profession.

Talking about the relationship with teachers in advance, Dung recalled that in 1994 a group of 28 students in the ninth grade took the 10th grade to ask for a woodworking course.

When young people saw them, Dong began urging them to return to school. On the carpenter the teacher came to the classroom to practice the children. After a study period, they all passed the 10th grade with a high score, even one who was previously scored 0 after the training was scored 8 points.

Since then, Dong's reputation is known throughout the region, and many families in the area have attracted children, taking her to the teacher.

To this day the "village teacher" taught for 24 years

"In fact it was very unexpected, seeing the parents say so I am very happy but I also saw the burden, I only learn self, without a degree do not dare not accept the words.But people are encouraged, many students are eager to learn to help me, Nods, "said Dong.

As far as he is concerned, his class is growing, from the third grade to the students, he has to divide 3 classes with 6 classes.

The capital was not trained so that the teacher also encountered many difficulties in teaching. Many difficult issues that the "teacher" must deal with all night to find answers to students. In addition to teaching mathematics, Dung also teaches the subjects of Li, Chemistry and Linguistics.

Students coming in class "teacher" garbage only have to pay from 10-15 thousand per session. Many students also have difficult circumstances that the teacher does not charge fees.

So far, "village teacher" Dang Tien Dung has trained thousands of students, helping hundreds of students move to provincial and university universities, many of whom have passed prestigious universities.

For Mr. Dung, books are the most essential to nurture knowledge

"Do not call me a teacher, I really do not deserve it, but besides the knowledge I have nothing, the title is no, they have never been trained through school, but most of my students go to prestigious universities," Dong said.

With his contributions to education for more than 24 years, he was awarded credentials of merit by the People's Committee of Huong Khe County, Tinh Province. In particular, in 2010, "saw spam" awarded to the Prime Minister Certificate of Merit, following the moral example of Ho Chi Minh.

The young teacher cooks for hundreds of poor children

Outside the classroom Mrs. Dang enlisted to recruit more people in the commune to organize meals.

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