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The truck carrying the judge caused the accident and fled: Were not the law brought to trial? | news


After almost a month of accident, on Sept. 9, the Ministry of Investigation of the Police Department of Duong (Dong Lam Dong) said he had not started to prosecute Ms. Phan Bao Thuy (44, lives in H. Duc Trong, Lam Dong). The car carrying three judges caused the accident and caused two casualties, including the brain, but fled the scene.

Traveling after drinking alcohol

According to the investigative agency (CQTT), around 15:55 on April 4, Mrs. Thuy controlled the 49A-205.16 circulating on the DH15 road, following the direction of the Commune Line, Thanh My (Don Dong). As it approached the Hu'duong Duong, the aforementioned car collided with a motorcycle under the control of Ms. Nguyen Xiang (44) carrying the back of her car. (28 years old, lives in the Lac Shuan commune), the single ocean.) The impact caused two people to fall on the road and be injured, in which Ms. suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Although the car has broken tires, but Thuy is still trying to escape from the field more than 8 km to be arrested by the Traffic Police.Check the alcohol concentration of Ms. Thui and Mr. Ho Trung Hieu, vice president of the People's Court H. Duc Trong ( Sitting on cars causing accidents – PV), recorded functional forces in excess of 0.4 milligrams / liter of breath air.After the accident, the victims were taken to emergency hospitals and treated.On 20 March the hospital was released from the hospital.

According to the police H. Binh Duong, the process of hospitalization X., Thuy's side visited compensation for the damage. & # 39; A & # 39; And Back & # 39; Refused to assess the injury and filed a request to dismiss Ms. Tavi. On this basis, CQTT did not prosecute the case and accused defendant Phan Bao Thuy. Police Chief Dong Dong said during the investigation of the case under the supervision of H.Duong Duong People's Procuracy.

The CQTT does not prosecute the case and causes public opinion to be rejected. In, many readers believe that CQĐT not to prosecute the case will be difficult to ensure the severity of the law, especially when the use of driving and rejuvenating causes serious accidents causing a nuisance on the past. .

The victim refused to estimate, there is no basis for trial?

In an analysis of the case, lawyer Nguyen Van Hao, vice chairman of the Association of Lawyers of Ho Chi Minh City, said that Ms. Thuy traveled in a state of excessive alcohol after the accident, it was to control the vehicles escape , Give the victims a fall, has constituted the crime of "violation of regulations on road traffic participation" under Section 260 of the Penal Code (Penal Code) in 2015. In addition, according to LS Hau, time in an accident, on Ms. Thuy's car Carrying 3 judges, it is also necessary to clarify the role of 3 judges when they do not require the driver to stop the vehicle, but to escape.

Regarding the CQTT not to prosecute the case, did not prosecute the defendant after the accident that the victim refused to evaluate and filed a complaint, LS Le Quang Vu, Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union, said Article 3, Article 29 Penal Code states that the person who committed The less serious offense or serious crime caused by unintentional injury caused the life, health, dignity, dignity or property of another person and the victim or his representative if the voluntary voluntary victim seeks exemption from criminal liability, they may be exempt from criminal liability.

"The basic component of the offense of violating road traffic regulations is that any person who takes part in traffic on the road and violates the regulations on road safety, kills a person or causes injury or causes, and harms the health of a person with a physical injury of 61% or more. , According to Article 9, classification of crimes of the Penal Code, serious crimes are crimes of a nature and degree of danger to large society, but the highest level of penalty bracket set forth in this law is from the top 3 years imprisonment to 7 years imprisonment. Which may be a serious case, if the victim is subjected to an injury assessment and the result of an injury assessment of the body 61% or more. However, due to injury, injury can not be assessed and agree to write a petition, so the instructions above, the case is not enough to prosecute the case. That the type of crime such as TNGT, if the prosecution of the case, can also be exempt from criminal liability as stated in Article 3 of Article 29 of the Penal Code in 2015, "LS Vu analyzed.

Agrees, former deputy director of Ho Chi Minh city high-class KSND Van Van said that Ms.'s behavior, The judges sitting on the car causing an accident and fled were wrong, however, due to refusal to refuse assessment. Should not be sufficient to prosecute a case or prosecute criminal persons involved in an accident. "The crime of violating the regulations on participation in traffic roads does not fall according to the victim's demand, so that even if the victim filed a complaint, if there is land, criminal responsibility will still be examined … However, the key issue because of the victim's refusal to assess the injury rate so that CQTT not give Trial in the appropriate case, "Ed said.

However, it is proposed that in this case, it should be clarified whether the impact on the damage does not assess the injury and requests that a complaint be filed. Nguyen Kieu Hung, the Hu Xin City LS delegation, analyzed if it changed later, petitioned the prosecution and asked to assess the rate of the injury, and proved that they did not require an early assessment. It is against the will due to the impact, agency proceedings are still investigating and bringing to justice if all the signs constitute a crime.

The two judges were simply … critical

On the incident, said Tran Kuang Kana, president of the People's Court of the People's Court of Dong Dong, that he conducted reviews for two judges Levin Bin Thanh and Dong Wan Wu, who sat on cars in an accident. Happens. Two judges Ben Wu also received the wrong, the officer sitting on the car when the accident happened but did not ask the driver to stop the car to keep a scene and not tell the traffic police to take care of the case.

According to Mr. Kane, after the accident, the two judges, Ben Wu Wu, got off the bus, called another car to pick up Ms. A & They went to the hospital for emergency, and then the two judges picked up another car to go home. Ms. Thuy continued to carry Judge Ho Trong Hayo, vice president of the Supreme Court of Hong Kong; Trung Trung, to the home of Mr. Hayo Bech Doc Trong. A & amp; amp; Process. Hospital treatment, judges visited and encouraged.

Ken said that with these violations, the two judges Son and Vu were criticized in front of the entire agency and demanded a serious withdrawal of experience. Meanwhile, the review of Judge Ho Trong Hiu, who continued to sit on the car causing the accident and escape, did not receive official information.

Many people have said that such treatment is not serious, especially for those "hold the balance" when judges, but understanding the law but there are actions to comply with the Law violators of the law. However, Mr. Van Tham said that it is necessary to examine the role and professional ethics of the judges sitting on the car on the behavior of "partners" causing an accident and then escape, not just a review before any agency.

From the above case, many readers also link the case of Mr. Nguyen Lina, former deputy director of the People's Committee of Da Nang City of People's Procuratorate, mourns a little girl in an elevator apartment in the province 4 (Ho Chi Minh City) after almost Half a month ago, the investigation has yet to publish the results: "The case must be brought to trial. Because the law officers violate the law, so they have to deal with it, "said one reader.

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