Saturday , October 16 2021

"They put me in a closet, made up to six times."

(Dan White) After the publication of the reformist national script, Prof. Boi Hein continues to introduce Vietnamese software into a revised national language.

pi hien:

Associate Professor at Evi Hein – the "father" of the language of reform.

"There are still people cursing, making pictures and taking me to the closet"

After a period of "silent voice im", recently, Associate Member Professor Bui Hien continued to announce the software conversion from Vietnamese to reform the national language. This software was created by Bui Tien (grandson of the associate professor of Wine Boy).

Just a few simple operations, the software can convert any Vietnamese current text into its "reform".

On his research after 40 years, associate professor Wayne Wine is very concerned. He claims that national anthropology reform is his personal research, but it brings many benefits to society.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the type "single phoneme – single letter", the language of the reform script saves a lot of time, effort and money by reducing the number of characters that will improve. Work capacity and reduce the number of print paper …

pii hiii:

The conversion of Vietnamese scripts into Vietnamese was improved by Professor Professor Bui Hien.

Professor Boi Yin added that since the publication of the National Table of Conversion Reform, many people have reached it. But at the same time, a lot of supporters, encourage him.

"There are still people cursing me, some people still make pictures of me in the closet and then make up up to 6 times.

I do science, self-financing to do the job, not the state's money or someone should protest, so they do not share.

I read and receive their comments. In terms of science, they say contrary to their research, and then the acquisition, "Associate Professor Bui Hien.

Display conversion software for reformed text

In a conversation with reporters, a member of the Hai Yin said he had used this software for about a month and converted many of his works to reform texts such as Troyan Qiao by the great poet Nguyen Doe, the erasure of the writer Nam Cao.

pgs hi:

Improved scripting language developed by PGS grandson Bui Hien.

"The advantage of this software is the conversion of the current Vietnamese text into my reform quoc ngu very quickly, the analysis is simple.

However, there are some errors in the script now has many irregularities, so when converted, the software is not processed. I'll take notes and ask him to get better, "said Associate Professor Bui Hien.

For example, in its conversion table, the word "gi" becomes "z." When the translator "hide", the word "hide" will become "read" still true, but the word "tap" will become "zhem".

At the beginning of October 1818, Professor Wine Boy sent a letter to the Party, State and Congress leaders to present his research. However, he still has not received an answer.

"I did an incredible improvement, but it did not work, I do very well, science does not affect anyone, and then the next generation will see," said Associate Professor Bui Hien.

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