Saturday , October 1 2022

Two flight attendants are fighting at Tan Son Nhat Airport


Information on the shuffle occurred between 4-11 between 2 Hostesses Of the VASCO airline company at Tan Son Nhat Airport.

At this stage, after completing the flight OV8060 (Ca Mao – HCM), two hostesses of the VASCO company is N.T.V.A (host team) and DK.H occurred in the conflict.

During the process of moving from the parking lot to the station, two stewards suddenly contradict each other and rush to attack each other as soon as the station reaches the local terminal, Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Subsequently, a hostage DK.H made a condemnation on Tan Son Nhat International Airport Police Station with the content that the host N.T.V.A carried out the attack that caused him to go to health assessment. The initial conclusion of the medical facility, the attendant DK.H injured software injuries, panic wind.

In the complaint, the hostess said during the battle that the case (in assets worth more than $ 10 million) in the car was lost. The hostess asks the police at the airport to investigate the incident.

Talk to the newspaper Employee On 5 November Vasco's representatives confirmed the incident and said the two flight attendants were requested to report the incident to address the issue. According to the original information, the struggle stemmed from the personal friction of two hosts.

The air whistle affects flight safety as it occurs after the flight is over. During the incident, the two flight attendants have not yet returned to work.

"With regard to the employee to file a claim with the police, the police will resolve and if asked to support the company, VASCO is ready to coordinate thoroughly resolve the unfortunate event" – the representative of VASCO confirmed. .


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