Sunday , May 16 2021

Uncover the identity of a group of ferries to Cat Ba arrested on a revolving card Act

On April 28, information from the Economic Police, Hai Phong police, said that the agency temporarily stopped criminal officers of Kwan-Kai Wing ferry station to the island of Cat Ba (Kat province). Hai, Hai City Pong) to investigate embezzlement of property.

Identifying the identity of the shuttle group to Kat Ba stopped for selling tickets - photo 1A group of ferry crews got arrested including 11 people, including station head Nguyen Van Wang.

Specifically, criminal detainees include: Mr. Nguyen Van Wang (49 years old), Truong Dau – Cai Vieng Ferry and Bay Tran Thi (49 years) and Le Van Xuong (26 years), Bui Hong Van (53) 39, Yan (27), Nguyen Thi Toit (age 49), Nguyen Thiu Lam (age 35), mother Van Hoo (39), Dina Hui (33) , Hugh Dung (25 years old), Tran Minh Hoang (50 years).

Hy Phong Traffic Path Insurance Joint Stock Company also said, to ensure the operation of Got – Cai Vieng ferry, specifically to ensure tourists travel through the ferry on the holidays of April 30 – 1/5, Mr. Tran Minh Tuan (Head of Technical Department) was transferred to take Responsibility for the shuttle ferry operation. Besides, the workers and workers are also transferred from other departments to work at the ferry terminal.

Identifying the identity of the shuttle group to Kat Ba stopped for selling tickets - photo 2According to the investigation agency, the status of ticketing shuttle ferry Got attracted for a long time.

same as Tian Phong Earlier, at around 10:10 on April 26, the police police (PC03) and the Hai Phong police stopped the crew at both ends of the ferry terminal Got – Cai Vieng (Cat Town). Hai, Kat Hai District, Hai Phong City) is working to sell tickets to customers.

In principle, when a customer purchases a ticket at the ticket counter through the ticket gate, the cardholder must rip the card and return the card to the guest. However, the staff at both ends of the Dao – Zai and Yang ferry deliberately did not tear the ticket and keep the tickets intact and then offered the return ticket counters and illegal collection. Tickets are primarily for cars and motorcycles.

In particular, the crew of the ferry terminal also provided vehicles along the route, carrying a large ton to pay directly to the ferry without taking tickets.

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