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Unexpected circumstances of the body of people do not tangled in concrete in Binh Duong Law


According to the initial testimony of the suspected group, Pham Thia Thean (31 years old, lives in Ho Chi Minh City), Le Ngoc Phuong Tao (often referred to as Thang, 29, Tian Jian Village ) Along with two victims of Tran Doc Linz (the homeland of Noga An) and Terri Tina (the hometown of Ho Chi Minh City) are other students according to Falun Gong.

This group cultivated for a while in Hana Hwa and then returned home to Trena Thi Hong Hua (Ha's mother) in Hsin City to practice. In the grooming process in Minh City, Ms. Hua would not stay in her house, so the group moved to another place in Ho Chi Minh City. Afterwards, Ha persuaded her mother to sell the house for 2 billion dong and then use that money to cover life and grooming.

The recent unexpected case of a concrete body in Binh Duong - photo 1The house where two bodies were discovered

In mid-2018, Ha Group rented a house on D2 Street in Bang Bang Industrial Park, Bao Bang District, Binh Duong Province, so that the entire group would practice. At the same time, two women named Ann and Hanh also participated in the cultivation but because of the extreme difficulties, these two people left.

He then came to rent a new house (the house was murdered). At the end of 2018, the group went to Vung Tau to find a place to cultivate and called for more people to join.

During the cultivation process, Tran Duc Linh is said to disobey regulations during his cultivation, leading to collisions with Hannah and Tana.

The unexpected last event of the concrete body in Bin Dong - photo 2Concrete blocks containing human bodies

Suspected suspects, the accommodation he said jumped from the first floor to the ground to death due to the "devil's part" of the stunned person. After the wind dies, the group takes the body into the room and activates the air conditioner at a low temperature to preserve the body, while avoiding the smell.

After nearly a week of cultivating here, this group surpassed the brand of Ford Everest's 7-seat Hae to bring Lina's body home to the Hung Hua community, Bao Bang District, Bien Dong, which was previously rented.

To prevent odors, the group took Mr. Linz's body into a cylindrical plastic container, soaked in tea, poured glue, put a tape around the bedroom, and continued to cultivate in the house.

The unexpected last case of a concrete body in Bin Dong - photo 3Nghi can Ha (right) is defined as the head of the group

In the process of cultivating "Haetana" Anna had a strange expression, not in accordance with the principles of the cultivation group. At that time, Ha and Thanh had the intention to kill Thanh before this person was "the husband".

Ha's group moved Mr. Tann into the bedroom so he could rethink his actions, but he had not yet worked. Making the intention to kill Mr. Anne, Han and Tana to buy a battery of power batteries and home goddesses. After cheating and using electric stimulation, Mr. Anna was unconscious, took the cloth to strangle the victim's neck and lock the bedroom door.

After the killing of Mr. Anne, Anne and Anna still live as usual. However, because the body had a bad smell because the group was unable to focus on cultivation, Thanh went online to order plastic containers. The group divides people from buying cement and stone pouring concrete to cover the body.

Some time later, the rest of the group locked the house, collected and returned their belongings to rent hotels in the town of Dau Mott to continue cultivation until they were discovered.

Thus, according to the suspect's testimony, the first victim was Tran Doc Linz, who committed suicide by jumping into a hotel in Xuyen Moc district, Ba Ria-Vung Tau province because of being "controlled by the wind" during the practice process

However, a test of the test showed that the victim's body of Linh had signs of bruises, hematoma and skin in the chest area were bruised similar but not clear.

Since the authorities identified the wound on the body can not be inferred by jumping from the floor. Therefore, the suspect's testimony does not match the results of the examination. Meanwhile, in her body Tran Terry Anna, the result of the test is consistent with the testimony of the suspects. Therefore, in order to get the correct answer, the police had to continue the investigation to clarify.

"2 concrete bodies" case in Binh Duong: revealing the cause of the murder

At the police offices, the group suspected that "two bodies in the concrete" claimed that the two victims "had their possession," but admitted only that they had been killed, and the second committed suicide. Perform searches, police seize gold, dollars and hundreds of millions of cash. This amount of suspicious groups was used to cover the practice time of Falun Gong.

Investigation of a "concrete body" case in Dong

From the news of the people, the police rushed to the hotel to bring a group of four women to work. One of the suspects admitted that he committed a murder in both bodies in a barrel. From the testimony of the suspect, the police searched the second house more than 10 kilometers from the house.

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