Saturday , April 17 2021

Wait for meetings to rise to the top to close in the short term

(ĐTCK) Because the last demonstration was a bit “urgent”, the supply at high prices may still be quite large and will cause market shaking pressure in the embryo process.

The Securities Investment Report summarizes the market interpretation reports of several securities companies ahead of the March 2 session.

Wait for the meetings to peak and you will receive a profit from some of the short-term situation

KB Securities Vietnam (KBSV)

Beyond the near resistance zone at 1,172 – 1,177 points opened up the possibility of re-examining the historic summit around 1,210 points with the possibility of overcoming. However, since the last demonstration was somewhat “urgent”, the supply at high prices is still quite large and will cause shaky pressure in the market in an upward process.

Investors are advised to hold a medium-term position and wait until the meetings peak to take profits. A short-term position was reopened.

Maybe towards the historical record around 1,200 points


Investment cash flow increased with the 18/19 sectors increased despite the pressure of net sales from foreign investors on both HSX and HNX.

Besides, the width has become a positive situation with increased fluidity compared to last week’s seat.

In our estimation, the VN index may move towards the historical high of around 1,200 points in the coming encounters, but may not be a breakthrough any time soon.

The VN index has been on the trend line since the January high


The market has many opportunities to surpass the historic record of 1,200 points in the upcoming meetings. Support for the local rate is that global stock markets are repeating after the last week of January decline. Besides, the cash flow that shows signs of returning to the market comes from individual investors.

Technically, the VN index has risen on the downward trend line since the January peak today, the historical resistance of 1,200 points is right in front of the eyes and the time of the market to rise to the peak is very convenient. Therefore, a growing seat with great liquidity will stimulate the cash flow to return.

Wait for the signals to break before paying again

KIS Vietnam Securities (KIS)

Market sentiment is becoming cautious in the short term. However, the next strongest resistance level is 1,200 points, the highest level of the VN index. Therefore, investors should be careful and wait for the refraction signals before you pay again.

Choose stocks with growth, attracting good cash flow


Medium-term investors can continue to hold stocks in the expectation that Wave 5 will continue in the near future.

Short-term investors can still consider stocks for selective growth, attracting good cash flow with expectation of positive business results in the first quarter / 2021, especially for stocks that have passed the old peak area when vibration occurs, adjust.

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