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We need to implement $ 600 billion, but Dina Le Thang has only one house

Thursday, 15 November 2012 22:19 (GMT + 7)

Mr. Thong's property is controlled by the Hanoi Law Enforcement Agency, with only one apartment and a joint property of the husband and wife.

Difficulties in a civil suit in the criminal case involving Mr. Dina La Thangang were raised with Deputy Prime Minister Trong Hua Bina at the Civil and Administrative Implementation Conference in 2019. The Ministry of Justice was held on 15 November.

Specifically, according to Le Xuan Hong (Director of the Law Enforcement Department of Hanoi) a separate case intentionally made at Ocean Bank, the amount of money taken from Mr. Dina La Thang is 600 billion. However, Mr. Thong's property, under the control of Hanoi's law enforcement agency, "has only one apartment and is the couple's common property."

We need to implement 600 billion dollars but Dina Le Thang has only 1 house - 1

Mr. Dina La Tang. Photo: PLO

Even in this case, the enforcement authorities distinguishes 300 million shares owned by the chairman of the Ocean Bank Han If, however, if you want to enforce the ruling, you should sell the shares, but the sale of shares, relevant agencies should be discussed The meeting should take more time to resolve.

These are just a few examples of the difficulties of civil judgment. General Director of the General Department of the ruling and the appeal May Luong Khoi said that during the last time, the court has tried many cases of large economic corruption, but the process of tracking, bias, block the property to ensure enforcement.In the investigation phase, the prosecution, the trial is still limited.

Much of the property was hidden, rationalized or dispersed. In cases where the asset is discovered, it is dispersed in many communities, the legal status is unclear … The disadvantages and weaknesses in such proceedings make the execution of the judgment a great value, but possible. How much does it cost?

Remarkably, in cases of banking activity, the assets that are imposed are the assets that were pledged in the past to secure the loan. For judgment, the estimated price when the auction is lower than the revalued value of the mortgage. Therefore, property owners often object, making it difficult to sell assets to make the judgment …

At the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hua Binh spoke at the conference and expressed gratitude for the efforts made by the Ministry of Justice and the civil judicial system over the past year.

However, he also noted some aspects of civil law enforcement. For example, the operator still has some wrong defects. The number of examiners, disciplined and treated by law in 2018, is reduced, but there are still 17 cases. Part of the execution of the judgment has remained unresolved for many years.

The verdict is the final stage, reflecting the results and effectiveness of the proceedings, Deputy Prime Minister suggested the Ministry of Public Security to strengthen the search, seizure, property destruction, siege and accountability for the crime committed; There is a mechanism for accurate and accurate assessment and evaluation of restrained assets in the procedural stages, thus increasing the viability of court decisions.

With the People's Attorney General, suggested Deputy Prime Minister to supervise the law enforcement of perpetrators of the execution of the trial, the distributor of the property. He suggested that the court settle better disputes, request for determination of ownership, use of property, publication of judgment and timely interpretation of judgment when there is a problem. .

In 2018, the total number of civil enforcement files must be over 900,000, which condition is 77.9%. The number of completed jobs is over 570,000 jobs, and reached 80.3%.

By value, the total enforcement is over 178,628,000,000, but through classification only 51.3% of the conditions enforced, of which over 34,520 billion were carried out, reaching more than 38, 3%.

(Source: General Department of Execution Judgment, Ministry of Justice)

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