Thursday , October 28 2021

Who is the beautiful Vietnamese girl with David Beckham?


Recently has spread to the social network photo of the world famous David Beckham with a beautiful Vietnamese girl. Immediately many people know this girl is Thao Tien – the son of the husband Tang Thanh Ha. A performance near David Beckham, Thao Tien drew attention with personality, modern, healthy but also sexy.

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Thao Tien was filmed with David Beckham

Thao Tien, Thuy Tien and Emma – actress Thuy Tien (also Emma Tang Ha Tang) attend an event in Singapore to meet with David Beckham here.

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Tao Tien happened to fly on the same flight with David Beckham not long ago

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that Thao Tian reunites with David Beckham. Prior to this, she accidentally met this player on the flight when they both sat together in the passenger compartment. At the same time, she also has a "fever" social humor on the network when sharing: "What better to fly 12 hours with David Beckham."

Picture 3

Thao Tian and Mom – actress Thuy Tien

Thao Tian is known as the husband of actress Tang Thanh Ha. The girl, born in 1996, is the daughter of businessman Nathan Hahn Nguyen and former actor Thuy Tien. Another name is Clin Nguyen. Tao Tian, ​​a rich native of childhood, lived in silk. However, this girl is very close and friendly. She is currently studying in London.

Picture 4

Beautiful appearance of her husband Tang Anne Ha

In life, Thao Tien and her brother-in-law Thanh Ha Tang also have relatively close relations with one another. Both of them regularly upload their photos and shoot with the whole family with a bright and happy smile.

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