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Why the former deputy director of Social Security Vietnam arrested in custody?


Mr. Le Bach Hong, CEO

Mr. Le Bach Hong, Director General of the National Insurance Institute of Vietnam

Implementation of the directives of the Central Steering Committee for the Prevention and Prevention of Corruption and the heads of the Ministry of Public Security, the Investigations Police and the Ministry of Public Security (C03). Economic management of the country has serious implications for the social insurance of Vietnam, ALCII company and related units under the decision to establish the case No. 72 dated 26 December 2017.

Based on the results of the extended investigation and the evidence collected, on November 9, C03 issued the decisions to prosecute defendant No. 204 / C03-P14; Order to detain detainees in temporary detention No. 60 / C03-P14; Look for Order 94 / C03-P14 for La Bach Hong, former Deputy Minister, Director of Social Security Vietnam.

Mr. Hong's lawsuit, according to the decision of the police investigation is related to the case that violates state regulations on economic management, causing serious consequences occurred social insurance Vietnam, ALCII company and related units.

Mr. Le Bach Hong does not strictly follow the labor regulations of the Socialist Party Party of Vietnam

According to the study, in 2008, Mr. Hong received a decision to terminate the post of Deputy Minister of Labor, Disabled and Social Affairs to become Deputy Minister, Director of Social Security Vietnam.

On 2.1, the Central Monitoring Committee announced the contents of the 17th meeting from 25 to 28.12.2012.

At this stage, the Central Committee for review should consider, agreed to terminate and resolve the content for both Mr. Nguyen Hui Ban, former secretary of the Party Committee, former Director General of Vietnam Social Security Le Bach Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee, Director of Social Security of Vietnam.

According to the Central Audit Committee, La Bach Hong, Secretary of the Party Committee, Director-General of Vietnam Social Security, Le Bach Hong did not direct and report to the Party Party for the implementation of the amendment and addition.Change the work regulations of the Party Committee to match the functions and duties.

Mr. Hong does not observe labor regulations of the Party Workers' Committee; The balance of reported health insurance in 2010 is not in accordance with financial management. Mr. Hong is not serious in directing a review of responsibility for collectives and individuals who have shortcomings or violations of incorrect money loans.

The Central Audit Committee asked the Vietnamese Social Security Party Committee to reexamine the experience. Accused the party, appealed to the authorities to enforce administrative disciplines against La Bach Hong.

How serious is Mr. Le Pen's crime?

On September 11, C03 also initiated the arrest of Nguyen Hui Ban, former National Insurance Director of Vietnam, Mr. Tran Tien Wei – former head of Vietnam's Financial Planning Department, National Insurance and Huang Ha, former head of general planning. Social development in Vietnam.

The defendants were brought to trial on charges of intentional violation of state regulations that caused serious consequences, as stated in section 165 of the Criminal Law, 1999.

In the past, the Central Monitoring Committee found that while acting as Secretary of the Party Committee, the Director General of the Social Insurance, Mr. Nguyen Hoi Ban, did not directly implement the amendment and amendment of the Labor Regulations, the Party Committee conforms with the functions and tasks of the Ninth National Congress of the Party , Meeting X.

Mr. Ban has not properly performed full labor regulations of the party party and the regulations on administering the state loan loan or interest adjustment when the extension, the loan interest rates lower interest rate and the basic rate of state bank loans for the wrong issues.

The Central Audit Committee asked the Socialist Workers' Party of Vietnam (VSS) to discipline in the form of a warning to Nagin Hoi An.

Theo Kwong Ngo

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