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"Witches Accessories" play homemade utensils in plastic pipes and extreme glass bottles

Sunday, April 28, 2019 19:00 (GMT + 7)

The article "My Village" and the album "Mei Dina Toi" appeared well with homemade "Yes – One – No – Two".

Clip: May Dina Family Record for Lesson "Rice Drum"

The last domestic herd of May Dina Tuy (60 years old, Thanh Hoa village) was inspired by the moonlight. Thus, only sections of non-plastic pipes 90 (90 mm diameter plastic pipes) are connected to each other and some zinc strands, that "witch props" turned them into a herd that can produce sound.

These accessories were first presented by Mr. Mai Dina Toy at the 37rd Vietnam Records, which took place in Ho Chi Minh City on April 26. He is very proud of his "child", Mr. Al was sure to dance and perform The song "Trong Gao", folk song by Quan Ho Bac Ninh.

Thanks to the merit of over 30 years of pursuit of music path and performing instruments, the artist Thanh Hoa has proved that record for his record is certainly worthy. As soon as Mr. Toe hit the first notes, the whole hall went to a rhythm to harmonize the elegant melody.

Peak's May Dina Tory and the latest accessories are made of plastic pipes

Also during the event, Mr. May Dina Toy brought the show with the type of accessories he called "bottle-making" because this set of instruments is mainly 11 glass bottles attached to one system. Unique system. Toye said, this vessel was built by him more than 30 years ago and is one of the first accessories in his creative life. Over time he calibrated, changed and improved his voice to emit a better day.

Making with "bottle-making", Mr. to choose the song "My Village" by the late musician Van Cao. Continually blowing into the bottle mouth, this talented artist made everyone very surprised by how sound was produced so accurately! During the show, you can also see the passion and emotion that Mr. attached to his accessories.

Clip: Mai Dinah Toy's recording of the song "My Village"

By meeting Vietnam's 37th National Record right on World Intellectual Property Day (April 26), the record of May Dina Tory along with several other famous recorders such as the world record Nguyen Phung Phong, Y Lan Sand Painting Peak, … Received the honor of "Living with Creativity" by Vietnam Record Association – Vietnam Record Organization.


Welcome to read the following term: "Witch Witch "May Dayan Tory revealed" magic "of a homemade herd of plastic pipes On April 19 on April 29.

Meet a record of

He "charmed" tens of thousands of magic accessories to make them "the rod" of the magician.

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