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XSMN 6/4 – Southern Lottery Results Today 6/4/2021 – SXMN 6/4

XSMN 6/4. Watch the results live of the Southern Lottery today, Tuesday, April 6, 2021 in the newspaper TGVN The fastest and most accurate.

XSMN 7/4 - Lottery results for the south today Wednesday 4/7/2021 - SXMN 7/4 - Lottery today XSMN 7/4 – Lottery results for the south today Wednesday 4/7/2021 – SXMN 7/4 – Lottery today

XSMN 7/4. The Southern Lottery results today are Wednesday, April 7, 2021. KQXSMN 4. SXMN 7/4. KQSXMN.

The Southern Lottery results that were dialed directly at 4:15 p.m. every Tuesday are rewarded on three TV stations and held at the District Lottery Studio: Ben Ter (XSBT), Vung. Ship (XSVT), Bac Lieu (XSBL).

The Southern Lotto prize draw starts from the eighth prize to the first prize, and the special prize is finally announced.

Customers can search for lottery tickets to win the Southern Lottery results yesterday and the previous 3 domains raffle simply and easily here.

Watch the live results of the Southern Lottery 6/4/2021 – XSMN 6/4 – 3 KQXSMN – SXMN 6/4 – XSMN Today

XSMN 6/4 - Lottery results for the south today 6/4/2021 - SXMN 6/4 - Lottery today

The table showing live results of the Southern Lottery will be displayed 30 minutes before the raffle. If the updated board does not display readers return to the social category Select the lottery for direct viewing. Thanks!

Review the results of the Southern Lottery

– April 5

XSMN 6/4 - Lottery results for the south today 6/4/2021 - SXMN 6/4 - Lottery today

– 4th of April

XSMN 4/4 - Lottery results for the south today 4/4/2021 - SXMN 4/4 - Lottery today

Predict the Southern Lottery – XSMN 4/7/2021 Wednesday today

Locking Beautiful Numbers, Southern Lottery Prediction Tomorrow Wednesday, April 7, 2021:

Special Award Tail: 89

A beautiful double-digit bridge today: 64 – 34 – 02

Lottery 2, 3 Diagonal: 32 – 55 – 61

Double plot: 22–77 – 11

The structure of the lottery prizes in the south

A traditional lottery ticket in the south worth 10,000 VND, can win many prizes from small to large

Prize structure (for 1,000,000 VND cards, 06 digits) Applicable to 21 districts in the south between 01-01-2017


Special award

(6 numbers)

2,000,000,000 VND


First prize

(5 numbers)

30,000,000 VND


Second prize

(5 numbers)

15,000,000 VND


The third prize

(5 numbers)

10,000,000 VND


Fourth Prize

(5 numbers)

3,000,000 VND


Fifth Prize

(4 numbers)

1,000,000 VND


Friday Prize

(4 numbers)

400,000 d


Seventh Prize

(3 numbers)



Eighth Prize

(2 numbers)

100,000 VND

– there is also:

+ 09 Special Extra Prizes for the last 5-digit winning tickets in the special prize series with 6 digits, each prize is 50,000,000 VND.

+ 45 consolation prizes for cards with an incorrect number of only 01 in a row compared to the special 6-digit prize (except for an incorrect number of hundreds of thousands), each prize is worth 6,000,000 VND

Note: The special extra prize is for tickets that win the last five numbers (only the first wrong number), the consolation prize is wrong in each number (apart from the wrong first digit is already another special prize) said another way the consolation prize is the first number wrong winner In one of the remaining five digits of the 6-digit delta.

Contact information if you win the lottery in the south

Readers can contact the lottery company that issues lottery tickets directly to receive the prizes as follows:

Buck Liu Lottery

Address: 07 Hai Ba Trung, Ward 3, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam

Wong Tao Lottery

Address: 05 Thong Nhat, Vung Tau City

Phone: 64.3852172 – 3853621. Fax: 64.3856368

Lottery Ben Ter

Address: August 20 Cach Mang, Ward 3, Ben Tre City

Phone: 075. 3 810 969

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