Monday , October 3 2022

A member of the Board of Directors of Heilands died – Radio Nahanda


By Nguyen Doba

A member of Haylanders' board, Jonathan Say Moio, died. Moyo died on Friday night at the Mater Dai hospital in the city, where he was admitted for postoperative work. Three weeks ago he had a knee operation.

Luke Mnkandla and Nathan Sayi Moyo
Luke Mnkandla and Nathan Sayi Moyo

Moyo's son, Dotan said Moyo underwent surgery on the knee three weeks ago, but his condition has deteriorated since then and was put in hospital on Thursday before he died on Friday evening.

The chairman of the board, Luke McNendale, said a dark cloud hung over the institution following Moyo's death, which he described as one of the loyal friends who gave all their efforts to make BOSO a better institution.

He said that Moio was open in his behavior during the sessions, and he would not shy away from raising all the things he felt he needed to discuss.

"He was one of the longest members of the club and also the board, having worked with some of the founding members such as the late (Lebanese) Nasla the Levantine and that made him a good store of history and was ready to provide advice on club issues.

"Moyo was quite engaging and raised every issue that he felt was important at the meetings, whether it was a board meeting or an annual general meeting." If he had the opportunity to talk to all the members, everyone would listen attentively, aware that something important was about to be said, .

He discovered that he initiated the writing process of the club's history after being appointed chairman of the board and Moyo was expected to be one of the leading lights, assisting a team elected to the position.

Moyo was the former vice chairman of the board that was led by Mgcini Nkolomi and was once the transportation manager in the 80s and 90s when Bosso was once a huge travel brigade.

Nkolomi paid tribute to Moyo saying he was a fountain of wisdom and showed great commitment to the club by attending any board meeting.

Dotan said Moyo was born in Ntunte, Filabusi under the chief Madonna and attended the mission Wunezi before continuing to Mtshabezi where he did his teacher training. He taught in Filabusi district before moving to Herrera in the 1960s, where he worked for various bodies including the Ministry of Education, College Specice and then joined the Rhodesia Bank (Rhobank) which later appealed to Zimbaben for independence.

Moio was also involved in politics and was a member of the zapo, and led some of the branches. He was the father of a famous radio personality Brenda Moyo. Moio was rescued by his wife Gladys, three children (Brenda, Dotan and Alnora), eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. The mourners are collected at number 5 Howes Avenue in Waterford and burial arrangements will be announced when the time comes. News Sunday.

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