Monday , June 27 2022

Africa: Oyinlomo moves up in the ITF ranking, now No. 2 in Africa


Nigeria's Oyinlomo Quadre has the second consecutive week a significant increase in ITF rankings for junior players.

According to a new ranking published by the World Tennis Organization on Monday April 29, the young Moroccan-based climbed 26 places to 176 in the world making it the second African located just behind the Saha Nahimana of Burundi, which ranks at 28 World.

This development comes barely a week after Quadr's ITF Grade 3 Junior Junior Triumph win in Tunisia, which shot her from 320 to 202 World, one of the major movements in junior tennis in recent years.

Since its achievement in Tunisia, Quadre, who will be the 16th watch on May 1, has stepped up the equipment as highlighted in her latest engagement in the 2nd grade tournament in Algiers, where she defeated Ines Bekrar of Algeria in the second round in Torreña -13 International Jénérés de Tlemcen Algérie.

Although she could not go beyond the quarterfinals in singles, the right player with the right hand manual reached the finals of the doubles and that was enough to bring her more points on the global calendar.

It should be feature more than 2 grade tournaments throughout North Africa in its coming weeks and a bid to enter the top 100 rankings which is its main target for the year.

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