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Africa, steps, war, cholera, Ebola


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Padamoyo was recently evacuated to Lusaka, Zambia
The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has stepped up efforts to ease recurrent outbreaks such as cholera, Ebola and yellow fever in member countries by accommodating key stakeholders and integrating coordinated structures to prevent and prevent new outbreaks.

It comes among the revelations that the World Health Organization has not been a proper response to all the health challenges affecting the African continent.

Speaking to health journalists from nine South African countries attending the roundtable inagural health reporters in South Africa taking place in Lusaka, Zambia yesterday, CDC Africa Head of Policy and Diplomacy Policy Dr. Benjamin Djodalbaye said despite the existence of other health bodies for several years, Africa still has very weak health systems Feel for several bursts.

"Africa still has very weak health systems, whether the WHO is enough to deal with all the problems on this continent, certainly not," said Dr. Djoudalbaye.

It is said that it is necessary by African journalists to present the work done by CDC Africa in preventing outbreaks in the region.

"We need the media to tell the African narrative." Infact, we do very well to respond in emergencies on our continent, Africa can tell its story, I can tell you that we do a lot of work, in Ebola outbreaks, only that no trumpet was blown up, "he said. .

At the same time, African Communications Officer CDC Dr. Promesse Kaniki said Africa has been affected by many outbreaks over the past decade, claiming thousands of lives.

He said the EU is concerned about the continued rise in events and the geographical coverage of these outbreaks.

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