Thursday , September 29 2022

Bugstar has revealed some user passwords, and deepened the suffering of Facebook – Technology News, FirstFost


In September this year, Facebook Was Reporting That hacker has gained access to over 50 million Facebook accounts and that another 40 million users could be affected. Hacker compromised on & # 39; View as & # 39; Of Facebook. It seems now that Instagram She also suffered from a security breach that exposed the user's passwords. However, this issue is related to a platform feature that allows users to download a copy of their data.

According to a Report By The information (Paywall), the spokesman for Instagram said that the issue "was discovered internally and affected a very small number of people." However, there is a possibility that "a small number of people" are using a shared computer, or have entered a risky network then, and can leave their data open.



This security bug affected people who accessed & # 39;Download your data& # 39; feature. The report says that Instagram sent messages to users affected by the bug.

These user passwords were available in the URL of their web browsers and sent to Facebook's servers as well. The bug has now been fixed

Eastman Released Feature in April this year. The feature provides its users in case the user plans to leave the platform and wants a copy of the data they shared.

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