Tuesday , May 17 2022

Fallout 76 will increase the size of the slick, supports Ultrawide displays, and will push push-to-speech, but without the FOV indicator


updating: Bethesda has revised the Reddit announcement mentioned below, which now states that this will add a push to the 76th Fallout talk in the near future. This story has been updated to reflect this change.

Original story: Post on Reddit by Bethesda Today Thanks Fallout 76 players for beta participation, says the development team was reading comments and listening to feedback, and puts plans for certain changes coming in the Fallout 76 at launch or after launch. It also determines what No Change, and this is not good news.

On the plus side, ultrawide decisions will be supported after the 76th Fallout launches on November 14, according to the announcement. This is not a big surprise since twi ini handled 21: 9 also except for the user interface, but it is still good news that official support comes at some point.

For those hoping FOV indicator will be added, there is bad news: it will not be. "We have not supported FOV skaters in our previous games as it is known to break a lot of animations and causes a lot of clip to occur on the screen. You have the option to approach out a third person on your computer by holding View and Move the mouse wheel but we can not get it to the first person to view. " Boo. I hope we found a new way to adapt it ourselves, despite the last patch to lock it up.

Push-to-talk will be added in the near future, according to a patch for Reddit's post (which was originally written to be seen.) There is no mention of Reddit's post text, however, Another missing feature which will help everyone communicate, especially deaf players, is those hard of hearing, and everyone else would prefer to type and not read and not speak and listen, for any number of reasons. Text chat is also a good way to detect and filter offensive language in an online game. I'm 100% confused by the complete omission of chat text. We have keyboards on the computer. Let us use them. For some, this is their only option.

If we go back to something positive, the 400-pound Stash base will be enlarged at some point in the future. The players have been asking for it pretty strenuous almost since beta started, and I have just got the Stash Limit myself during the beta of Tuesday, I expect some more storage as well.

You can read the full message of Bethesda here on Reddit.

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