Thursday , October 28 2021

Freedom train hit with passengers – Nehanda radio


By Esinathy Sibanda

More than 5,000 passengers used the Zimbabwe National Railways (NZZ) train in the first five days of re-entry to Bulawayo, taking advantage of 71% utilization.

People board a passenger train as it departs the main Bulawayo train station to the Cowdray Park suburb recently
People board a passenger train as it departs the main Bulawayo train station to the Cowdray Park suburb recently

The state rail company introduced a train on the City-Quadri Park two weeks ago, and the passengers' reaction was amazing.

In a statement, NRZ said that "the company has re-introduced the passenger train in response to public appeals from passengers who were being overcharged by a passenger bus with some combs charging as $ 2 at record times for a trip into the city."

"The national railway of Zimbabwe is pleased to note that the traveling public has responded favorably to the re-introduction of passenger trains in Bolio." More than 5 000 passengers boarded the train and railway city in the first five days of its operation, "said NRZ PR Director Mr. Niesha Maravanyika.

The passenger train has seven coaches with each coach having a capacity of 100 passengers.

The train drew more than 300 passengers per trip.

"On the first morning, on Monday, November 5, 309 passengers boarded the train, and the number rose to 350. On Tuesday, 532 went up in the morning and 537 in the evening," Mr. Marwanieke said.

Wednesday, November 7, attracted the highest sponsorship of the week, said NRZ, with 743 immigrant travelers.

"In the evening 486 passengers took the train, and 618 passengers were on Thursday night, while 489 were in the evening service, and 607 passengers took the morning train, compared to 334 on the evening train.

Mr. Maravanyika said passenger rail passengers managed to keep departure from arrival times, thus sticking to its schedule.

The morning train goes to the Bulawayo station at 4:05 am and arrives at Assigodoni at the Caudray Park at 5:30. He then commutes back at 5:35 am and arrives at Bulawayo Station at 7:00.

The evening service leaves Boulavio Station at 5:30 and arrives at Isidogovni at 6:50. It goes on a return trip at 06:55 and arrives at the city at 8:15.

The train operates from Monday to Friday with two services every single day and the evening and train entity is charging 50 cents for a single trip, commuters want the fare reduced at least 30 cents.

Only cash payments are accepted for single tickets and purchases can be made either before boarding or while on the train.

Passengers can also buy 10 multi-ride tickets for $ 4,50. Composite cards can be purchased using a swipe or EcoCash at Bulawayo Station.

Mr. Maravanyika said the NRZ is satisfied and pleased how it managed to service the route comfortably for its encouraging passenger travel train.

"He also noted requests from travelers who work mostly at industrial sites who want to train to leave Cowdray Park earlier, so they have enough time to go to their workplaces," he said.

"However, it should be noted that in rapprochement with exit times, NRZ is trying to balance the interests of passengers to begin work early and those who start at 8:00 am by traditional working hours of many companies. chronicle

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