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Haley Baldwin Kendall C. Nir is dressed for a cold day at 80 ° Coachella Weather


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Kendall C. Ner and Haley Baldwin Bieber spent some time together in Kucha on Friday, and the two friends seemed ready for any weather they might encounter at the end of the week. Jared wore black leather pants and a long-sleeved white shirt, while Baldwin was wearing thin cargo trousers and a light orange jacket with a strapless bottom underneath.

The weather in Indio, California, where the annual music festival takes place, was in the 1980s in recent days. But Baldwin and the candle seemed ready in the more appropriate layers of the San Francisco Bay Area.

It seemed that the two had a close connection when they spent some time together at the festival (with Justin Bieber not seen anywhere on Friday). Per people, They watched Kacey Musgrave's lineup before they introduced the performance of Dan Willow Smith onstage. They were seen on an impostor video for a photo together just like any other festival participant excited.

Jared and Baldwin are close friends, so that when Baldwin's relationship with the husband, Bieber, came to light, people wanted to accept Genn's opinion.

"What makes them happy, I'm happy," said Gerry Belly in an interview last September.

The two friends talked about their love life in February when they were guests on Zaza's Valentine's Day.

"It's definitely scary to be young and to be married," Baldwin admitted then. "It's scary, but it's also the person I've really been in love with for many years, so it's the best part of it, as if I feel like it's my best friend and we're just having fun, but now I think the eternal aspect for me is just the way you do not think About it until you get married, and then you're like, okay, it's really like, it's forever, there's no end. "

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