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Have you seen that? A fireball burns in the sky over the middle of the Atlantic on Tuesday night


By Brian Lada, Meteorologist and team writer
17 April 2019, 12:41:24 PM EDT

A ball of fire flared over the middle of the Atlantic on Tuesday night, with hundreds of people watching the meteor as he lit the night sky.

The fireball is an amazingly bright meteor that lights the entire sky as it is burned in the Earth's atmosphere. Tuesday's fireball lasts longer than a typical star, being visible for almost 10 seconds, according to videos featuring the phenomenon.

April 16 Basketball

Fireball over College Park, Maryland, on the night of Tuesday, April 16, 2019. (Photo / Mike Hanky)

Despite the fire near the coast of South New Jersey, the fireball looks hundreds of miles away. Many of the American Meteor Society's American Meteor Society (AMS) event reports came from the Washington area, but some said they identified it as far south as South Carolina, and as in northern Vermont.

The light for the meteor was so intense that the lightning detector on the GOES 16 satellite identified the fireball.

People reported that the fireball glowed blue and green, and one man even said they heard an explosion when he cried over them.

A meteoric glow color as it is burned in the atmosphere of the Earth is related to its chemical composition. Different chemicals and elements emit different colors.

Meteor Colors

Fireballs, such as the one discovered on Tuesday night, take place on a nightly basis in different parts of the world, but many of them report.

"Several thousand fireball meteors occur in the Earth's atmosphere every day, but most of these occur on the oceans and in the uninhabited areas, many of which are camouflaged by daylight," explained the AMS on the page.

If you are witnessing a fireball, you can submit a report on the AMS report page.

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