Tuesday , August 9 2022

Holiday sales make up the bulk of Nintendo's annual profits


As most gaming publishers console makers, Nintendo of America makes the lion's share of its revenues during the holiday season.

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Holidays are very important for any consumer business sector, especially entertainment and one like video games. During this rush we see console sales ignite alongside digital purchases and game retailers, and the North American branch of Nintendo relies heavily on this period.

"The holiday sale season – October, November and December – is very important to our company." Nintendo's president of America, Reggie Mills, said Yahoo Finance.

Fils-Aime continued to illustrate the importance of the season with some impressive figures: More than half of Nintendo's revenue in America comes from the holiday blitz. "We usually do, in America, about 60% of our revenue during this period. The reason it is so significant is the first, our products are making great gifts" He said, taking into account last Friday's packages. "Whether you're talking about the Nintendo Switch, if you're talking about the Nintendo 2DS, we're really doing well with this gift giving."

We can demonstrate the importance of holidays with our own findings.

The Switch-Handhld console has hybrid Has sold more than 22 million consoles worldwide, But Nintendo is still far below the annual high fiscal target. Nintendo Wii Hopes to sell 20 million consoles this fiscal year Alone, and of September 30, it must sell 14.9 million more replacement consoles to hit the target.

It's a lot of consoles. But Nintendo has a not-so-secret weapon: holiday packages and a new Pokemon pair, already Has sold more than 3 million units worldwide in its first week.

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Historically, Nintendo has managed to move around 7 million + switch consoles during the FY2017 holiday season. If it manages to beat, say, $ 8-9 million in the current period of 2011, it will still have to push 5-6 million more units in the fourth quarter. It can be as hard as holiday rush winds down and consumers start in the new year.

Some analysts are quite bullish and think Nintendo can Sell ​​as 25 million replacement units this fiscal year.

I'm very curious to see how many Nintendo console switches will sell (and have already sold), but we will not find out until the company releases its FYQ3 profits later this year.

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