Wednesday , September 28 2022

Holiday stars Zim escapes to death in crash – Radio Nhananda


By Bruce Nadalovo

Baoding star television Zimbabwe Sibongile Mlambo was lucky to escape with her life when she was involved in a truck collision with the streets of Hollywood recently.

Sibongile Mlambo
Sibongile Mlambo

In a social-social statement in which she pleaded with people who would always watch over their loved ones and tell their blessing, Malmbo said she had escaped unscathed from the wreckage even though his car had been irreparably damaged.

Mlambo is a multi-talented model, dancer, actress who began her career when she was 10 years old as an international film actress, Kini and Adams who shot Domboshava.

In the beginnings of her career, she exhibited in local ads in Zimbabwe before traveling to the United States. Starting initially as an example, she became the first Miss Purple and Gold hosted by Omega Psi Phaternities and the second runner in the Miss Zimbabwe USA competition.

She is also a dancer of note, having been part of the entourage of such acts as Madonna Ne-Yo.

In recent years, Mlambo has begun to advance in Hollywood, starring dance dance and honey dance while she has been a member of the acclaimed acclaimed, award winning Black Sails series. She also has a role in the popular American series, Youth Wolf.

She recently won the role in the American television show Lost in Space. News Sunday.

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