Thursday , May 13 2021

Local look at vaccinations: Port Smith residents, doctors discuss vaccine issue – News – Whitehall Journal – White Hall, AR

Doctors in the Fort Smith area call on parents to vaccinate their children, but there are still a handful of parents who choose not to.

Paula Domer, who chose not to vaccinate her three-year-old son or the child in which she is pregnant, estimates that there are hundreds of parents who choose not to vaccinate their children in the area. While Dommer said she and others believe their personal choice is whether to vaccinate their children, some of them, such as Mercy Clinic and Arkansas Medical Council member Don Phillips, care for her and others' thinking.

"If someone says, this is my choice, my child, they not only choose the choice for their child, if the child gets a particular illness, this child can affect other sensitive people, it's not just them," he said. Philips.

The Arkansas Act allows parents and guardians to refuse to vaccinate their children if the practice is contrary to their religious or philosophical beliefs. Some experts say the growing number of children without vaccines is contributing to the latest comeback of diseases such as measles, according to the Associated Press.

Domer said parents and guardians chose not to vaccinate their children for many reasons, including the number of vaccinations recommended for children, the risk of injury and children's fear of being autistic or spreading the disease that protected people.

"At this point, everyone wants to do this vaccination issue, and at this point, it's not a matter of vaccinations like it's freedom of speech and medical choice and freedom of religion that is hurt in the United States," Dommer said.

US tables of vaccine resources and health products and time frames for post-treatment symptoms have not indicated a period of symptoms due to measles vaccination, a child can be contagious with measles for up to 21 days after administration, Phillips rejects this claim, This vaccine may be runny nose and cough after treatment, but do not stick.

Phillips estimates there is a risk of 10,000 to 100,000 cases of Guillain-Barre attack, which can be fatal, as a result of influenza flu. This disorder is curing with proper medical care, he said.

Phillips also said he saw five pregnant women die during his time as a doctor because they refused to get shot flu.

The immunization schedule does not list autism as a by-product of vaccines. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention presents seven scientific studies that do not show a link between the social disorder and the vaccines. Phillips said that complaints about autism related to vaccines are "propaganda".

"And if it's unfortunate, because sensitive people, some of whom will look at them as knowledgeable, will believe in such things, will avoid treatment, and then their child will suffer from an illness," Phillips said.

Phillips also noted that children are usually recommended for 35 vaccines. As for the injuries, Domer noted that some $ 4.1 billion had been paid over 30 years to vaccine victims through the National Program for the Elimination of Victims of Injury, according to the Services Administration.

The risk of injury from a vaccine is about 1 million, according to the Services Administration.

"There is a risk in any treatment or method, whether it is medicine or surgery, you do not know in advance if you are going to be one of 10,000 people, well, one out of 10,000 means 9,999 benefited from it."

Despite the risks documented, Dommer said she had no fear not to vaccinate her children. Phillips, on the other hand, believes that any parent or guardian should pass the recommendation of his doctors and other doctors.

"Vaccinations are the greatest miracle of modern medicine," he said. "Nothing stopped the more preventable death from vaccines – a point."

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