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Mohammed Kaif arrives in the defense of Virhat Kohli after "Leave India" cricket


The captain of India, Captain Virate Kohley, controversial "Leave India", for which he played all the social media, did not go with many people. The Indian captain was also defended by a former India fan and a new assistant coach from Delhi, Dardwills Muhammad Kayef, who claims that Kohley's statements were taken out of context.

Kaif and Kohli were team members of IPL Royal Bangalore Challengers franchise from 2011-2013.

Kaif, who played 13 tests for India and described the treatment Kohli gets as a "naughty targeting."

The controversy broke out on Wednesday via video on social media when Kohli was promoting his official request for a video, the captain in India can see harsh words to the fan who said "I'm overly overrated personally and I do not see anything special in his hitting. Of these Indians. "

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"I do not think you have to live in India, you have to live elsewhere, why do you live in our country and love other countries?" I do not care if you do not love me, but I do not think you should live in our country and like things. Others will be your top priority.

Virat has been slandered from all angles and on Friday he took Twitter to put forward his side of the story. "I guess Trolling is not for me, I'll stay getting trolling!" I talked about how these "Indians" were mentioned in the note and that's all … I'm in favor of freedom of choice ? Keep it guys light and enjoy the festive season. .

Virat has now found support from his former group, Kayef, who says the words were taken out of context. "Kohli's unfair intent only shows how statements are distorted according to what suits people's agenda, he has previously admired the athlete from around the world and his statement was clear in a certain context, but mischievous targeting is a norm for some," he said.

Virat and Kaif may have presented the side of the story but what happened did not go too well with the board of directors (CoA) who said they would look into the matter. "The Supreme Administrative Committee of the Supreme Court (CoA) will examine the matter," said an ANI source.

First Published: Nov & 09; 2018 13:58 IST

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