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More than 25 public game companies earned over $ 100 billion last year


Global Market Games Report from Newzoo reveals top 25 game companies account for 80% of global revenue

25 leading public gaming companies accounted for almost 80% of the world market, according to Newzoo's World Market Games report.

Last year, the companies raised $ 107.3 billion, an annual increase of 16%, marking the first time that the top 25 exceeded annual revenues of $ 100 billion.

Leading the package for the sixth year in a row was Tencent. China's Internet giant saw a 9% increase over last year before gross revenues of $ 19.7 billion, accounting for nearly 15% of the market.

Sony is a distant second with revenue of $ 14.2 billion gross, followed by Microsoft ($ 9.8 billion) and Apple ($ 9.5 billion).

The market console is booming with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo reporting more than 30 percent growth over last year, accounting for 38 percent of combined revenue generated by the top 25 companies.

Top Ten Profits Playing Public Companies in 2018

Top Ten Profits Playing Public Companies in 2018

In addition, five of the top ten companies earned the majority of their gaming console revenue.

Sony continued to dominate the annual growth of 41%, driven by its first installation, solid of games as God of the Spiderman war.

Meanwhile, Fortune has been turning for Microsoft which jumped to third place last year, overtaking Apple. While it is still lagging behind Sony by a few billion dollars, it saw annual growth of 32%.

Nintendo also saw solid growth of 36%, with the continuing popularity of the stock exchange – and its strong list of exclusive intellectual property – driving revenues to 4.3 billion dollars a year.

Despite the healthy console market, some cracks have begun to appear for the first console partners like Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft which are struggling to keep pace with the growth of platform owners.

About a fifth of the public games company, Activision Blizzard, earned $ 6.9 billion, a 6% increase from last year.

While the publisher saw an increase in the console console, its profits were partly offset by a decline in the number of mobile numbers.

EA and Ubisoft also witnessed a relatively slow year, growing only 4% and 3%, while generating $ 5.3 billion and $ 2.2 billion in revenue.

Platform platform revenue top 25 gross game companies in 2018

Platform platform revenue top 25 gross game companies in 2018

Apple and Google continued to perform well in rankings, thanks again to App Store and Google Play. In addition, the two technology giants have recently announced new additions to the gaming industry in the form of Google Stadia and Apple Arcade.

"It is now clear that both companies will use their unique strengths to greatly expand their activities in the gaming market," said Newzoo.

"Google is leveraging the global presence of its data centers and strong technology approvals, while Apple leverages its expertise in accessibility and the overall focus on its content portfolio.

"Meanwhile, they will continue to reap the benefits of their profitable app stores while catering to new parts of the market with their new services."

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