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Offset, Cardi B to release NSWF "Clout" music video


Offset Provides a visual eye popping for "Clout", which Cardi bSingle woman Father of 4 album.

Unleashed Wednesday (April 17), the video clips including Offset and Cardi bouncing around lemon tinged space as the soundtrack tracks the Daniel Russell directed party.

Offset starts by playing a catchy piano loop on a big yellow piano. Then, a native of Georgia performs his verse in a room full of sights before his swordy comes to close "with her provocative dance moves.

Cardi keeps the black and yellow theme alive by rapping her verse while rocking blonde Pikachu hair sitting in a huge pile of lemons. In another scene, Birdy continues her verse as she wriggles in her husband's lap in a dominist style and wig with a linen wig.

The video comes after offset upload His wife For striped inspiration bartenders feel comfortable enough to get into the rap game. In a 5 April, opst claims the native Bronx is the reason why "startenders" have been hip hop penetration in recent years.

"Every bartender stripper with the dream of going out to this nun club is wrong with this, but my wife help ur life guide to try rap all u dumb ppl ass at home on the tweeting couch sucking my balls not talking about an established artist like legands[sic] And those before Cardi, "the offset tweet.

Watch Offset and Cardi B to go to the "Clout" video below.

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