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Rainbow Six Siege Minor Minor to HyperX Esports Arena Las Vegas


Ubisoft There is a connection The allies Bring the coming Arch of six siege Minor event The Hispanic Hispanic Arena Las Vegas.

Which takes place on June 7-9, a three-day event with a total prize purse of $ 75,000 (£ 57,522.75).

The Essex Express Las Vegas Rainbow
Image Credit: The Allies

HyperX Hyper Arena Las Vegas Minor is the first minor of four easy events to be held during the 2019 Rainbow bow season of the six-circle sports. Two other minors were announced at the time of writing, with DreamHack Valencia in July and Montreal DreamHack in September. The fourth and final event in the minor circle has yet to be announced.

16 teams will be in Las Vegas to compete, 12 of which comes from the professional league of the Liga League. The rest of the spots will be occupied by teams who make it through the online online tour over May 11-12.

Ubisoft announced that it changed its revenue sharing plan last month. Between June of this year and May 2020, up to 16 teams will support the second phase of the program by receiving 30 percent of the net profit generated by branded items within the game.

Esports Insider says: The Allies Alliance has done a good job of branding its flagship scene and making it accessible, so now is the perfect time to start filling it up with big tournaments. Six arc siege has a series of solid events throughout the year so it will be interesting to see how the first minor of 2019 piles up the rest.

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