Friday , January 28 2022

Spice Girls' No. 1 fan, Adele, is ready for the new tour


Queen of the UK singer-songwriters Adele, is so, so "ready" for the reunification of spice girls.

On Tuesday the world woke up to the "Spice Girls" news come back together, though without Victoria "Push" Beckham, on a tour of the UK in 2019.

Shortly after the announcement, Adele shared a picture of herself about ten young in her pajamas, singing into a lollipop with spice and childhood pins popping up on the wall behind her.

"That's how I feel now!" Adele wrote the picture. "IM ready"

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Adele is


Adele is "ready" for the reunification of Spice Girls.

Adele shared her love of the musical girl's power often in Instagram, after writing about Lorraine Hill, several times about her love for Beyonce, and sharing a birthday message in memory of the late song of Amy Winehouse.

The Spice Girls have reunited several times since their split in 2000, including the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but this is the first group tour announced.

"It's time to spice up all things again !!!!! I can not wait to make our support fans win a new spice generation! Love you all!" Said Emma "Baby" Bunton on the news.

World Spice UK Tour is set to kick off in June 2019.

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