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Stephanie Davis blinks a huge diamond ring from Hollioux Owen Warner's lover


Love is in the air for Stephanie Davis and Owen Warner and their romance has blossomed so much that it seems like they have found their life partners.

While there are no distant sounds of wedding bells, Hollioux couplings have pledged to each other, with 25-year-old Stephanie showing a huge diamond ring promising her followers on Instagram.

A promise ring is "a symbol for people who move together and have no immediate plans for marriage, but are clearly in a committed relationship," and Stephanie raged in praise of her boyfriend.

She put it on her left hand and told her admirers: "My beautiful ring of my beautiful partner, happy, can not wait to spend my life with you."

The ring has a significant design that also, with it featuring three strands to it.

Stephanie Davis glistened her huge diamond ring

Stephanie and the son of Kayban-Albi moved in with Owen

Stephanie said it represented, "I, he and Kevin are intertwined in three."

Owen, 19, plays the Romeo Quinn on the Hollioux, opposite the Sinaiad or Connor of Stephanie, and they moved in together at the beginning of the year, a few weeks after dating.

Stephanie has Ben Caban Albi, with Rami McConnell, and the source said that they are "inseparable" from Owen.

Stephanie Davis was happier than ever

That's why they decided to move together Stephanie "can not be happier, as she finally gets the family home she always dreamed of."

All three became a happy family and the source said: "Owen is amazing with her son Kavan and was right on his hands at his second birthday party recently."

Stephanie Davis and Owen Warner are now dated

This has proved a huge turnaround in Stephanie's personal life, after a spell of detoxification for alcoholism and a toxic relationship. With Jeremy, culminating in Stephanie's attack on her home.

Peace and happiness seems to be on the menu from now on as it looks to create a future with Owen.

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