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Technology Expo Senior Rocky River attracted more than 200 seniors


ROCKY RIVER, Ohio – On May 16, the elderly had an opportunity to learn more about the use of technology in their lives at the Digital Aging in the Memorial Hall at Rocky River.

There was a lot to engage in the elderly and more than 200 attended the free event, according to Tak Sato, organizer of the third annual event with his wife, Millie.

According to the Sato, participants attended last year's exhibition from 16 cities. This year there were 29 cities.

One of the two presentations, "Tips on staying safe in the digital world" was particularly well attended.

The main takeoff from the presentation was, according to Sato, "to build good habits and remind those present that the gray matter between the ears is the strongest weapon to stay safe in the digital world." Internet, he said.

Sato concentrated on robocalls and fake emails – anything that was not invited comes to the elderly. He said it becomes quite challenging to notice even legitimate reading from the robocall. "Build the habit of ignoring them even though they are annoying," he said. "Just do not answer this phone call, just do not double-click an unwanted email in your inbox, or just do not reply to an unwanted text message."

With sneaky actors being able to "fake" (pretend) a caller calls an caller ID that appears on your phone, he said, it becomes quite challenging to notice even a legitimate call from the robocall.

But what if this is a legitimate call? Sato told the participants if this is important, they will try to contact you again and also try to reach you on other communication mediums.

Other tips that he shared as part of "Smart Street Internet" included:

• Do not be satisfied.

· Use credit cards instead of debit cards because of the difference in the law that protects the former when it comes to Internet charges.

· Use three, free credit reports every year to make sure there are no mistakes on your bills.

• Do not assume that the top search result is legitimate. This may not be the actual company or organization that you are looking for.

• Do not call the phone number that pops up on your device screen to ask you to call them to fix a problem. Remember, Sato, "Microsoft, Apple, or Google will not call you to let you know that your system has been compromised."

Vendors at the exhibition with other information for seniors also included the Rocky River and Westlake libraries, with increasing resources every week for seniors, including free training on computers and the Internet. Other vendors included silver shoes, a memory remover house, senior apartments and senior living communities.

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