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The border disappears from your epic games store in the middle of their mega sale


2K games Recently drawn Borderlands 3 Pre-order from the epic campsites

Yesterday the Pope's shop launched their first big sale, and while many fans saw it as a good thing, some publishers did not see it the same way. Immediately after the sale they launched both Interactive Paradox and Clay Entertainment attracted their games from the store. Now it seems that 2K did the same thing, with a pre-order for the Borderlands 3 just disappeared from the Pope's shop.

Border 3

So what seems to be the problem for these partners? This mega sale currently offers a $ 10 discount on every game available over $ 15, which means that before Borderlands 3 was pulled from the site, it was the cheapest place to buy it. While many fans jumped quickly on the sale, 2K games took the option to pre-order the game from the store without any explanation.

A little forward, and although the publisher still gave no explanation as to why the pre-order was taken, he noted that Borderlands 3 would return to the epic gaming store soon and that those who purchased the game at the sale price would still receive it with its release. Here's what 2K games would say about any fiasco, "We work closely with Epic and have temporarily removed Borderlands 3 from their store.We expect the game to be back on the epic gaming store soon." Games purchased during their mega sale will be reputable at that price. "

How about the last move of 2K games? Do you think there is any other reason why they took the pre-order? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and be sure to keep it locked for updates!


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