Saturday , April 17 2021

The car over Australia turned out to be space debris

A bright burning body resembling a meteor flew over Queensland, Australia, in the sky. Local astrophysicists claim that the “massive star” was space debris – remnants of a Chinese rocket.

The corresponding video was posted under the direction of the YouTube video.

The fall of a lighted object aroused fear among many Queensland residents, but it did no harm.

According to the information andAstrophysicist University of South Queensland Juniti Horner Loading What or what “Meteor” was A remnant of a long-range Chinese space rocket 3B, which led a satellite to orbit close to Earth.

“At first I thought it was a meteor, but then, when it crashed, my partner and I started thinking it was space debris. It was very exciting.” – The observer noticed.

The ball, which entered the atmosphere and began to disintegrate, reached a length of about 12 meters, and a width of about three.

Beautiful hard piece Said Horner.

According to scientists, the object fell into the Pacific Ocean, which is a natural “landfill” of space debris.

As I mentioned “apostrophe”, earlier Notice the locals in the sky above Kamchatka A large meteorite that did not reach the ground and collapsed.

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