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Tinashe Kambarami Remains Bulawayo Deputy Mayor, Komichi ⋆ News Pindula


In a conversation with Chronicle, MDC vice president, Morgan Komechi, said yesterday that Ward's 3 board member, Tiansha Cambrami, remained deputy mayor Bulawayo.

Komichi said:

I think the problem has already been solved. Clr Kambarami remained vice president-elect of the party for Bulawayo. The party allowed the councils to go to the elections it won, and it must be respected.

MDC Bulio County ordered Kambarami to resign his post or risk being expelled from the party and council. Cumbrami was charged in defiance of the party orders, to survive 1, city councilor, Mlandu Ncube, was elected to the post. Cumbrami announced his resignation last Sunday as deputy mayor of Bolivian in the presence of the party's president, Nelson Chase, to be reelected the next day.

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